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Q. What are the main causes of repairing services for a printer?

The main cause for the need of repairing services for a printer is the buildup of debris in it. As the printers have large openings, exposing the internal mechanisms, dust and debris get accumulated on the parts easily. This results in in damage of the printer head, due to corrosion and wearing out the various elements.

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Q. What are some signs that tell me I need to get my printer serviced?

There are a few signs that let you know that your printer is about to give up on you. They mean, you need to be proactive and take measures, especially if you use your printer frequently and need it to function smoothly. The five main signs that should get you on your toes are:

  1. Extra lines on the printouts- in case if you have cleaned your printer head recently and your toner cartridge is fairly fresh, you need to call in a professional.
  2. Strange noises being emitted- grinding noises from the printer means something is seriously wrong. Get help immediately.
  3. Traces of toner and pieces of paper inside the printer- if you see torn bits of paper, and marks of the toner inside the printer, call in a repairer.
  4. Regular paper jamming- if paper gets jammed in the printer more than what is normal, get cautious. Perform some troubleshooting following the printer manual, and if things does not get better, get help.
  5. Printer does not perform well on regular basis- if you are experiencing frequent problem with your printer, which is stalling your work and business, do not wait to get it repaired.

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Q. I have not used my printer for some time and the printouts are streaky or missing in some parts, what is the remedy?

If your printer had been lying idle for an effective period of time, you need to get the printer head clean before use. If you find your printouts to be streaky in some areas and the color missing in others, probably the cartridge is blocked. Consult the printer manual to know the correct method for head cleaning or cleaning cycle. If the problem persists even after repetitive attempts, consult a professional printer repair company and the perfect solution.

Q. Does using a re-manufactured cartridge affect my printer warranty?

Using a re-manufactured cartridge does not affect any printer’s warranty unless the printer is damaged by refilled cartridge. Often leaking in a poorly refilled cartridge, clogs the printer head, damaging it; you cannot claim warranty in this case. A reputed cartridge filling company makes sure that the refilled cartridges they supply do not damage your printer, and in case of any unprecedented occurrence, they take care to get your printer repaired. However it advised to read your printer’s warranty terms and use cartridges accordingly.

Q. What are Recycled Cartridges?

Sometimes empty and worn out,  disposed cartridges are used to manufacture new cartridges. The benefits of recycling cartridges are that they are used instead of sitting in a landfill for years and it avoid exhaustion of fresh material required for manufacturing new cartridges. But the process of grounding up and using them for manufacture,  produces emissions and wastes that are harmful for the environment. It is more safe and economical to reuse and refill cartridge than recycle them.

Q. What are Refurbished / Reused / Remanufactured Cartridges?

Many people replace their exhausted cartridges with new ones. They dispose of the empty cartridges. These cartridges are collected,  examined, cleaned, tested and refilled for further use. The reasons for reusing/ refurbishing / re-manufacturing old cartridges are for lessening waste collection, reducing the use of energy and petroleum for manufacturing new cartridges, and thus less impact of carbon footprint.


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