Ink cartridges for your printer turn out to be very expensive when thinking of replacing it with a new one. So, the best alternative is to either get it refilled or maintain its performance for a longer time than usual.

Here, are a few tips that will help you to maintain your printer’s ink cartridge.

1. Preventing The Ink From Drying Out

In order to prevent the ink from drying out, it is very important to store your cartridge in an airtight zip lock pouch and keep it in a dry place away from the sunlight. This can be done when you are not using the printer for a while. It not only increases the life of your cartridge but also offers you high-quality printing for a long time.

2. Stay Assured Of The Best Time Of Refilling Your Cartridge

To keep your printer’s ink cartridge perform best for a long time, it is very important to keep a check on the perfect time to get it refilled. There are many signs that will help you to determine the same. One of them are, deterioration in the quality of print such as, blurred text or images. Nowadays some printers also have an indicator for the low ink in its cartridges. If such a situation occurs, then getting your cartridges refilled will be the best idea for it to perform its best.

3. Run A Test Print Once A Week

This condition should be considered when you are not using your printed on a regular basis. Running a test print helps you to determine the health of the cartridges and if it needs cleaning. This also helps in preventing the ink from drying out. So, running a cleaning cycle will enhance the cartridge’s performance and boost its life.

Considering these maintenance tips will assure you of the best quality printing for a long time than usual. it will not only save you money but also time.

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