Keep the Cost of Your Printer Ink under Your Control- Few Useful Tips

Printer ink is expensive. Even if you are refilling your cartridges instead of replacing them, it’s a regular expenditure that adds on to printing cost for students and corporate as well.

In this blog we are going to discuss a few simple ways that will reduce your printer ink costs and help you maintain a tab on its consumption.

Cost Effective Printer

1.Selection of the Printer – It’s like starting with A-B-C. If the quality of your printer doesn’t match with the purpose of it, costs are bound to rise. If you are using your printer to print black and white documents, a color, inkjet printer will be a wrong investment for you. A mono laser printer, with high-yield cartridges will give you your output at half the cost of an inkjet printer.

2.Be Selective and Precise about what you print – There are many who print an entire book for a small paragraph in its last chapter. It is a sheer waste of paper, ink, energy! Be selective what what you want to print. Cut and paste the exact portion of any article that you need, and print it. Leave out any pictures or the following comments if they are not essential for you.

3.Preview Privilege – Always make use of the preview function of your printer. It gives a precise idea about the layout of the document to be printed. Little adjustments of the pages or the format can save huge amount of ink, toner as well as paper.

4.Change the color settings – If your printer is usually used for printing black and white prints, make sure to set the default color setting to black and white or mono, instead of color. If and when you require color prints adjust the setting to color and make use of it. This not only gets you better quality prints, but saves on your printing cost by saving the color toner.

5.Smooth Paper Runner– Avoid paper jams. It will save you a whole lot of ink, toner, paper and time as well. Almost all of the modern printers come with a paper thickness adjustment button. Set it when you use thicker or finer material than the usual stationary material.

6.Gauge the Warning Signs– The low-ink warnings tends to vary from one printer to another. Often many printers show low-cartridge warning prematurely. If you refill your cartridge as per your machine, you will certainly wasting a considerable amount of ink and your money. It is wiser to overlook the warning signs, and keep an eye on the print quality instead. The quality of the print usually starts falling as and when the printer is genuinely running low on the ink.

You can also cut on your printing costs considerably, if you choose to refill your ink and toner cartridges instead of replacing them. There are quite a few stores that stock toner and ink cartridges in Vancouver. Ensure the reputation of the company, as the quality and cost of ink and toner can vary.

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