How to Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge the Right Way to Increase Longevity!

Taking care of and introducing your ink cartridges the correct way isn’t rocket science, yet it can help you save some money and keep your printer in good working condition. Few smart and simple steps when replacing the cartridges can make a huge difference in better print quality and long-lasting ink performances.  Here are some valuable tips that you can follow:

How to Handle the Cartridge Prior to the Installation Process

Before you introduce another ink cartridge into your printer, make certain to assess it. Tenderly shake the cartridge or tap it on a hard surface a few times to make preparations. Preferably, you need to do this before removing the expel the protective tape. Or else, you are in danger of spilling ink everywhere.

Be wary around the gold contact or linkage point on your cartridge during installation. These purposes of contact are essential for getting exact readings on your ink levels and making a decent connection with your printer. They are additionally simple to scratch and won’t function well when shrouded in ink buildup or residue. On the off chance that you see dust on this gold chip, tenderly wipe it clean with a Q-tip or fiber cloth.

Precautions to Take when Installing your Ink Cartridge

Before you attempt to install your ink cartridge, make certain to check out your instruction manual. Each printer is unique and inappropriately introducing your ink cartridge can harm the printer, your cartridge or both. On the off chance that your printer didn’t accompany a manual or you’ve lost it, as a general rule you can discover a PDF rendition accessible for download on the maker’s site. Progressively popular printer models will regularly have an instructional exercise video accessible on the brand site, YouTube, or any number of well informed online journals.

When introducing new ink into your printer, go slow and be cautious. Keep the cartridges from drying out by utilizing the power switch to turn the printer off. Hold up until the button is totally off before unplugging the unit. This permits the printer head to come back to its resting position, which will assist you in preventing any unexpected damages.

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