How to fix a clogged ink cartridge in cost-effective ways

An inkjet printer is almost a must have requirement for everyone. Be it your small business, or household requirements, a printer comes handy whenever you need to organize budget, make plans. All you need is to make a soft copy draft and take a print out. It is simply that easy.

However, it is important to maintain the ink cartridges in a proper way to help it remain functional for a long time. It is important to clean printer heads on a regular basis as otherwise it’s nozzles are clogged. The inkjet nozzle is about 45 microns in diameter. You can surely clean up minor clogs manually. Let’s take a look how you can clean up the nozzle manually without much effort. Here’s a step by step guideline which can help you do so.
The first and foremost step is to remove the ink tank and printer head with utmost care and caution. Remove ink tanks from the print holder and seal them properly.

The next step is to get the print head soaked. Put some paper towels in a container. Take another bowl and put a mixture of ammonia and distilled water that container. Heat up the liquid in a microwave. Do ensure that you do not end up boiling the liquid. Take it out of the microwave. All you need to do now is pour that liquid all over the paper towels and existing in the former container; make sure that you are covering the entire towel and there is some liquid beneath the towels. Now put the printer heads on the top of the towels and you would notice the ink coming out. Keep moving the print heads across different spots and clean it completely.

In some cases if the ink happens to be clogged for a fairly long time, it is suggested to soak it in the paper towel for about three to four hours at a stretch. Move the print heads from one position to another from time to time so as to clean it completely.
You can easily clean up the clogged inkjet printer at home following the method mentioned above. So the next time you want to opt for an inkjet printer, make sure you have the guide handy for to ensure sustained maintenance of the product.

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