Common Ink Cartridge Buying Mistakes

An inkjet printer is surely one of the most essential infrastructural requirements for every household and small business. The advantage of an inkjet printer is the fact that it provides good quality prints at fairly economic costing. However, an inkjet printer requires refilling of the cartridge on a regular basis. But first time users often end up making mistakes while buying cartridges. The following guide outlines some common mistakes made by first time buyers which will help them be more careful while they opt for buying ink cartridges.


Confirmation to the key point:


While you opt for buying ink cartridge, you should ideally confirm and tally the printer model and the number of cartridge. If you don’t happen to be that technical on this front, just remember the brand and model of the printer and mention that to the retailer. Else you can also bring in the dry and empty cartridges to the retailer and he would get an exact idea on the kind of requirement that you have.


Opting for the wrong ink:


It’s very important to have a basic idea about the kind of ink that would adhere to your needs. There are generally two types of ink used which differ in their characteristic feature and usage. Stable dye based inks are used to bring out vibrant colors. However, this type of ink takes time to dry up. On the contrary, pigment based ink types dry up much quicker and brings out more clear images. Sometimes, waterproof pigment based inks are also used that are more apt for photo printing assignments.


Buying in bulk:


Last but never the least, one of the most important concerns is to figure out the quantity that you require. In many cases people buy only as per the requirement basis. However, buying in small packages does not cater you with significant cost benefit. For instance, if you happen to run a small business or an NGO, chances are you would certainly have printing requirements on a regular basis. In such a case, a good decision is to buy in bulk beforehand and if you buy online it is even better. Buying online can help you get better discount offers.

Apparently it may seem that buying in bulk costs you heavily in one go…but over months it would definitely help you slash down overhead expenses.

Knowledge of a few basic ideas can actually help you now just reduce cost on printing but also buy the right kind of ink cartridge which would not make you repent your purchase.

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