Benefits and Drawbacks of Cartridge Ink Refilling

When we consider cartridge ink refilling around Vancouver, the first thing that comes to our mind is cost saving.  Here we will discuss a variety of reasons why refilling cartridges can be the best option for you, as well as the disadvantages of ink replacement. Let’s have a look at it.

Ink Refilling Vancouver

Benefits of Cartridge Ink Refilling

  1. Environmentally friendly – because cartridges are made of plastic, you must safely dispose of the old ones whenever you purchase a new one. This adds to the rubbish in landfills. So, if you plan to refill your cartridges at least three to four times before buying a new one, you will keep them out of the landfill for a longer period.
  2. Cost-saving — the most common reason for cartridge ink refilling is to save money. Savings are enormous with this. When compared to purchasing a new cartridge, refilling cartridges can save you nearly half the cost.
  3. Accessibility– this is one of those issues that appears when you least expect it. Purchasing a new cartridge may appear to be an easier option; however, your current cartridge may be out of stock or just unavailable. Whereas, ink refilling can always be done and may help you from forcibly buying a new printer when a new cartridge is available.

Drawbacks of Cartridge Ink Refilling

  1. Printer damage — refilling cartridges without professional assistance raises the risks of irreversible printer damage. It has the potential to leak or clog your ink cartridges. Furthermore, if you break your printer when replacing cartridges, your printer warranty may be voided.
  2. Quality of the ink – if you only plan on using it for a fast read or personal purposes, it is still a viable option. However, if you want to utilize the ink to print high-quality photographs to put on display, the results might not be as pleasing. However, if done correctly and with the proper tools, you may achieve high-quality printing.
  3. Cartridge unpredictability– you can carry out cartridge ink refilling Vancouver up to five times. You may find a variety of refilling options on the market, ranging from those that are specifically built for your printer model to those that claim to be “compatible” with any printer. However, there is no assurance that these cartridges will last, and they may stop functioning all of a sudden.

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