5 Amazing Fun Facts About Printers

Printers are considered as one of the best inventions of the world. It allows you to produce multiple copies of a single document in just a fraction of second. But, are you aware of some amazing fun facts about the printers?


Here, we are discussing 5 such facts that will leave you stunned once you read them.

Printer Fun Fact # 1

The toner cartridge used for laser printers is made of plastic. As compared to ink -cartridges, toner do not directly spray the ink on the paper. This is done with the help of changing electrostatic charges. To transfer this into the paper, the laser printer engages its fuser rollers. These fuser rollers have a melting point of about 205o Celcius, that can actually melt the plastic used to manufacture toner cartridges.

Pinter Fun Fact # 2

Though the melting point of fuser rollers are about 205o Celcius that is enough to burn down the paper. But, the rate at which it functions prevents the paper from turning into ashes.

Printer Fun Fact # 3

Which one do you think consumes more energy, desktop computer or your printer? The answer is your printer. Do not go by the size, though printers are smaller than the computers, but when both are being actively used the printer is believed to consume about 3 times more energy than a computer.

Printer Fun Fact # 4

Do not be amazed by knowing about the smallest printer in the world. Manufactured by Planon, the Printstick is said to be 1 inch in height, 11 inches in length and 2 inches in width. This pocket printer gets connected to your device through the Bluetooth and comes with 20 sheets of paper inbuilt.

Printer Fun Fact # 5

The invention of 3D printers will change the world. How? These printers have the capability to print food, real life houses, guns, clothing, jewelry and other artificial prosthetics that are used in the medical profession. Moreover, NASA is planning to send 3D printers to the outer space so that astronauts can create their shelter and necessary tools.-


We are sure that these fun facts have definitely surprised you and enhanced your knowledge more about the printers and the technology it uses. For more queries related to your printers and printing services in Vancouver, visit http://www.paylesscartridge.ca.

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