4 Ways How We Implement Social Distancing For Our Employees Working On-Site

Payless Cartridges cannot afford all employees to work from home, during the corona virus pandemic; we need to maintain some form of social distancing for the safety of our employees working on-site. This is how we have made changes to our workplace to keep our employees protected and safe from the epidemic and serve the clients safely and efficiently.

Our Social Norms during The Epidemic

  • We have implemented a no-visitor policy. We only permit approved workers into the workplace during their shifts.
  • We have turned to greeting without physical contact. We urge our employees to keep away from handshakes and hugs while welcoming and cooperating with partners.
  • The six-foot rules. We urge our employees to maintain up to six feet or two meters of distance from their fellow workers as much as possible

Flexible and Staggered Shifts for Less Employees At Once

  • We try to maintain flexible work hours or rotational shifts for our employees. The goal is to ensure that less staffs are on the spot at the same time.
  • Staggered shifts. Employ spread out shifts for the demanding client support reps (CSRs). As we need them to be nearby for dealing with complex client issues or for other basic undertakings. Allocate interchange work areas to CSRs in the staggered shifts to make time between their shifts to completely sanitize the workplace.

Work Environment Plan

  • Inserting segments to raise the heights of the cubicle walls. In the event that there are low or no desk area dividers, we add or supplement dividers to make a higher physical boundary between operators to decrease the spread of the virus from coughing or sneezing.
  • Revisiting and overhauling the visitor plans. We ensure that the CSRs aren’t sitting excessively near one another. In the event that you have close or congested open working environments, just like how we do, we let the CSRs use alternate desks and execute rotational remote work where plausible.

Joint Effort

  • Pooling undertakings. In the event that different tasks requires comparative assignments that must be performed nearby, consider pooling and pivoting those errands so a few representatives can work remotely while one individual assumes nearby liability. Consolidate pooling with adaptable hours to additionally expand social distancing and diminish the danger of a worker getting sick.
  • Virtual gatherings. We make sure that our employees conduct in-face meetings virtually, whenever possible. They are provided with the necessary equipment such as laptops, and fast internet connection. We offer them help on their virtual set-up and online tools so they remain open to using the systems and programming and serve the clients efficiently.


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