4 Best Ways To Reduce Ink Usage In Printer

If you are a regular user of toner cartridges, you may find this useful. Saving the environment and helping reduce the consumption of ink or toner may help consolidate the burgeoning costs at work and even home. Here are some of the sure shot ways to cut the extra costs:

  • Use your inkjet printer in the draft mode. This helps in reducing the use of ink drastically. Most inkjet printers produce the output by shifting the print cartridge along the page and by sprinkling the ink dots to create a printing. If you clock on the “normal” mode, the average inkjet printer will make multiple passes in “draft” mode, it is able to make a single pass and move to the next line. The characters are not that bold and can still be readable.
  • You should also reduce the output resolution of the laser printers you are using to produce better than average images that may not be as dark but can be printed fast.
  • Use your inkjet printers to print black only without using the colour cartridge all the time. Choose the gray scale always and save money without having to purchase any colour ink cartridges. The dual ink cartridge system will prove beneficial in the long run for regular use.
  • Always turn the toner save feature in the inkjet printer. This feature will always help save the toner ink considerably. You can also reduce the density of the copied documents and change the settings of the multi-function print/scan/ fax machine to a normal setting every time you get started with printing. The toner cartridge often wears out thin with high resolution settings. So change these to average settings every time to save on ink.

No matter what kind of cartridge you use, it is imperative that you follow certain rules to ensure that the toner cartridges in Vancouver last you longer than usual! Reduce ink usage and reap the results in the long term!

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