5 Epson Printer Repair Problems and Tips to Solve Them

Which printer do you use? Is it an Epson brand? From time to time, you may face some problems related to your Epson printers. Here are some common problems that you may face when printing. Read through it to know the problems and the steps you can take to solve it!

Epson Printer Repair

Epson Printer Repair Problems 1: Printer Printing Different Images

This is a problem that could happen for many reasons. Before printing, ensure to check the print preview option and see if it is turned on or off. If it is off, then something with the layout needs to be sorted out. The alteration issues in the final printing result with the printed images will be different from what is displayed on the monitor. In case of confusion, it is always best to consult your local Epson printer repair Vancouver specialists.

Epson Printer Repair Problems 2: Images Cutting Off

While printing, images may cut off from the document. This can happen if the size of the papers used for printing is not of ideal standards to the ones selected in the print settings. Ensure that the right size of papers is being used for printing purpose. You should also check the print preview to make sure the image is not being cut off. The image too might be needed to be resized to fit the paper.

Epson Printer Repair Problems 3: Administrative Issues

In order to get efficient results, some offices connect more than one computer together with the printer. However, sometimes the printing command issued from a computer may not work. This can occur due to problems related to the user authentication. This problem can be easily solved through the following process. If you are a primary administrator, the problem can be fixed by authorizing the printer otherwise, contact the administrator to give access to the printer to print the document.

Epson Printer Repair Problems 4: Text Trimming

When printing an image, it is not uncommon to get a few texts or images cut off. This can occur due to incorrect font mapping or having a different printer with different metrics. By changing the style of the font, this issue can be easily sorted out. Through Excel or Word, you can select normal style or true font types when printing to get the best results. Users can find the correct tab under the Style and Format. The proper font size selection techniques may vary under different versions of the Microsoft Office. Make sure you do some research to know the difference. You can talk to a local Epson printer repair specialist, for any kind of confusion.

Epson Printer Repair Problems 5: Awaiting Redial Error Message

You can scan and send faxes through multi-tasking printers. Sometimes, when sending a fax, an error message may pop up saying awaiting redial. If the fax does not go through, the device will start redialling after every 5 minutes intervals. After that, the fax will print out a busy or no response report. In this case, the user should make sure:

  • The fax number is correct
  • Ensure that the telephone is connected to the printer. If not disconnect it and reconnect it to make sure that the connection is secured.
  • Also check and find out if the device has a dial tone.

However, your printer is a delicate device that can go wrong in many ways. If you are struggling with poor printer performance and outputs, try talking to a professional Epson printer repair specialist in Vancouver. This will save you time and you can solve the issue at cheap instead of larger investments in the long run.


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