4 Most Common Ink Cartridge Refilling Mistakes That Should To Be Avoided

Whether you study, operate a business, own a factory or is a home owner, printer is one of the most important commodities to have. Nevertheless, printer cannot work without its ink. That makes ink cartridges equally as important as the printer. However, every now and then when our ink runs out and we rush to buy our brand new ink cartridges we make some common and simple mistakes that make our life difficult. These mistakes could be easily avoided. In this blog we will discuss these issues:

Ink Cartridge

1. Refilling Once The Ink Cartridge Is Completely Empty

Most of us do not refill the ink cartridges until the ink has been completely used up. This can present numerous problems that include running the risk of drying out the inkjet sponges. If this happens, refilling will be impossible. Therefore, it is recommended that you refill the ink before it empties out completely. This will ensure free ink flow all over the cartridge and eventually a better printing outcome.

2. Rushing The Ink Cartridge Refilling Process

Ink cartridge refilling should be a slow and careful process. Rushing in to refill your cartridge can only make things worse for you since; it runs the risk of spilling the ink all over the place or clot the neck of the cartridge.

The best way to refill your ink is to inject the ink into the cartridge sponges slowly and patiently. This allows the ink to be absorbed well while quick refilling can force the ink to leak and damage the printer.

3. Refilling Your Ink Cartridge From A Single Location

Do you face printing problems such as a section of the page not getting printed or getting poor quality or faded prints even though you have refilled the ink recently? Well this is because you might have refilled your ink cartridge the wrong way. You should not inject the ink through a single location. These practice imbalances the flow of ink throughout the inkjet sponges and consequently creates printing problems. For quality performance, you should inject the ink through multiple locations in the sponges ensuring a balanced ink flow throughout the cartridge.

4. Printing Immediately After Refilling

Never hit the print button immediately after having your ink cartridge refilled with the new ink. This can create a lot of problems as the ink needs some time to settle in. Instant printing could result in ink leakages damaging the printer paper. Also, it can completely damage your ink cartridge. Therefore, it is recommended that the ink is given some time to settle in and get soaked up in the sponges before used for printing.


If you need Ink cartridge refill, services are thoroughly available all across Vancouver. Refilling is a fairly easy process that can save you plenty of money over the long run. While most of us make these common refilling mistakes, a fair bit of precaution can easily prevent us from repeating these mistakes.

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