4 Brother Printer Repair Problems and Effective Solutions for It

Do you have a Brother Printer? It is quite common to face some problems related to Brother printers. Here are a few issues that you may face with your printers over long-term use. Read through this blog to find out these problems and the solutions to it too.

Brother Printer Repair

Brother Printer Repair Problem 1: Blotchy and Faded Prints

The print quality depends on a few factors that includes, the printer itself, ink or toner cartridge and the drum unit if it has one. Another external factor includes the quality and type of paper that is being used to print the document. If you have used the right quality of paper, then it has to be the toner that may be the culprit. To solve this issue, simply remove the toner and rock it gently from side to side. Do not shake it and don’t touch the roll because you may leave finger prints on it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if the printing machine is not used frequently, the toner may settle down. In that case it needs to be activated.If the printer uses ink instead of toners, chances are the ink has dried out and requires immediate replacement. However, all being said, it is recommended that if it’s your first time, consult a local Brother Printer repair Vancouver specialist to get it fixed.

Brother Printer Repair Problem 2: Printing Blank Sheet of Papers

The reason why an additional set of papers are being printed blank by your printer is due to the print settings on it. In an office setting, print volumes are high and there are multiple users printing at a time. As a result, this setting is typically used for faster and efficient results. The extra sheets are printed out to separate print jobs however, for individual purposes this can get really frustrating.However, it can be fixed very easily. To fix it, go to your printer and devices on your computer. Click the printer option and select the printer preferences option. From there, deselect the separator pages and you are good to go. Handling such Brother Printer repair issues can be pretty easy.

Brother Printer Repair Problem 3: Print Jobs to The Wrong Computer

If there are more than one printer, a common problem that may occur is that the wrong printer may start printing. This is a random problem that can be fixed easily too. Go to your devices and printer folder and right click on the printer that you want to choose and start printing. You can even make the chosen printer as your default one too.

Brother Printer Repair Problem 4: Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

In order to trouble shoot your hardware issues, first ensure that the printer is connected to an electric supply. The printer needs to be turned on and ready to print. If you find error lights blinking, check the manual or online to find what the error means. Another thing that you can do is try and conduct an internal printing test. If the internal test print does not occur, try turning the printer off and on, remove the toner cartridge and reinsert them and repeat the process once more. If it still does not work, there must be some internal issues that require professional help. Contact a specialist Brother Printer repair specialist in Vancouver nearby.


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