2 Important Reasons to Consider Printer Cartridge Refilling

A business cannot neglect its printing needs. These are one of the most important tasks that are needed to be performed to have the business operate smoothly. Printing involves the use of papers and inks or toner cartridges, both of which are used on a continuous basis. Even if you need to print some documents that might not be of use later on, it is important to have the printer functioning properly. So, you can say that excessive paper and cartridge usage produces more waste. As a result, wastage of both paper & cartridge causes problem for the environment.

Printer Cartridge Refilling

Printer cartridge refilling process helps reduce environment pollution and waste

More paper use means more trees will be cut down and the cartridges dumped into landfills, affecting the environment in the process. Since, printer cartridges are made of complex combination of plastics, metals, foam and ink, disposing them into the landfill may contribute to the already growing issues of electronic waste.

However, there are solutions to help manage and reduce this wastage issues and improve the overall condition of the environment and that is printer cartridge refill or recycle. Here are some reasons why a company should reuse or refill cartridges and they are:

  • Reduces air & water pollution: reduces toxic releases from the land-filling, ignition or the manufacturing of new cartridges.
  • Preserves natural resources that is required reduces the use of raw materials.
  • Helps in energy saving and environment sustenance for future generations.

Save plenty by opting for printer cartridge refilling

When your cartridges are empty, take the cartridges to a service provider or manufacturer to have it recycled or refilled. Payless cartridge is one of such organisations that helps re-manufacture recycled cartridges that are eco-friendly. We provide:

  • A thorough and detailed inspection and cleaning
  • Replace the worn and damaged parts of the cartridge with a new one
  • We refill the cartridges with new and fresh ink or toner
  • You get high-quality cartridges that comes with a warranty

Printer cartridge refill in Vancouver costs 50 to 80 % lower than buying a new one. So, if you operate a business and require plenty of printing chores on a regular basis, you can get a large boost and save plenty from having the cartridges refilled.  It makes the right sense to exchange your printer supplies for money by having your used supplies such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges and waste paper recycled. By using refilled cartridges, you move one step closer towards going green and reducing energy costs. Payless even offers remanufactured printer supplies with warranty and higher yield capacity than the original cartridges.

So, think no further and go green today! Make the most of the printer cartridge refilling options and save plenty of money on the printing needs as well as the environment.

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