Ways To Increase The Shelf-Life Of The Toner Cartridge

By increasing the life of the toner cartridge in a laser printer you can get more prints. There are several ways in which you can increase the toner life of your laser printer. One easy way is to distribute the toner. For this, take out the toner cartridge out of the laser printer and shake it left and right. This will help you to print a greater number of files and images. Another way to get more printouts from the laser printer is to change the smart chip. The smart chip is a circuit board which is found on the side of the toner cartridge. It is this chip which sends out a notification when the level of the toner is low or you are about to run out of toner.

Ways to increase toner life

If you want to increase the toner life of your printer it is suggested that you pay attention to the settings of the printer. Best color laser printers will allow you various levels of print quality, right from draft mode to superior quality. It is recommended that you print the internal documents in the draft mode. Make sure that you cross check the documents before printing them. This way you can avoid reprints and save on the ink thereby increasing the life of the toner.

Increasing the shelf life

Moreover it is a good idea to purchase high capacity refills if you want to increase the lifespan of the toner. At times swabbing the area on the cartridge where the toner is injected will help you to remove a clog. If there is a clog,  the sensors may indicate that the cartridge is empty. If you feel that you are running out of toner at a faster rate, it is advisable that you call a technician. The technician will clean the dispensers inside the machine which will help remove the clogs and minimize the wastage of ink. This maintenance technique will ensure that your cheap laser printer is running smoothly.

Bear these tips in mind

You can opt for laser printer refill Vancouver where your cartridge will be refilled at wallet friendly rates. To make sure that less ink is being used in printing,  opt for the right type of paper. The paper you make sue of should be least absorbent. Ensure that you are not using thicker paper than has been suggested in the manual. Using the wrong type of paper may cause jams. Apart from these ways to increase the toner life, it is important that you store the unused printer cartridges properly. Keep them at room temperature in areas which are dry. This will increase the shelf life.

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Tips to Reduce Toner Usage in your Printer

Any business or office has to spend tons of money each year for their printing requirements. There are lots of data to be printed every day and for small businesses especially, buying new cartridges and toners can prove to be very expensive. In such cases, opting for refilling the toner can be a good option. Moreover,  you can even save on your toner ink just by keeping a few simple things in mind. Here are some easy ways to do so:

  • For everyday printing, you can use the Draft mode on your computer. While you can easily switch on to the Normal or Best mode when you have something special to print,  for everyday usage, the Draft mode should suffice because unlike Best mode, this mode does not use multiple layers of ink on the same area. The characters may not be as bold or the colors may not be as striking, but they should be more than acceptable for everyday printing.
  • You should also refrain from using your color cartridges for your regular printing. They are not only more expensive but they also are depleted faster. When using black ink, do not use the ink from your color cartridge.
  • In the same way, if you have a high resolution set on your computer, the picture would be denser and darker and to reproduce it on paper, a lot of ink would be required. Except for high end printing required for final presentations and important occasions, opt for low resolution pictures and likewise when you print them,you are going to need less ink. You can change the resolution from the settings of your computer.
  • Thanks to technology, the modern laser printers come equipped with a Toner Saver feature. You can make sure that it is switched on if you have one of them. Similarly,there are standard, normal and XL varieties available for cartridges so check out which kind does your printer need as a wrong variety can exert extra pressure on the printer and you can lose more ink.

The Payless Cartridge Solutions Inc is one of the best providers for toner and cartridges and Vancouver and they understand that it is not always possible for clients to buy new cartridges and toner very often. They provide superior refilling services and their ink is completely compatible with the printer and the nature of your work.


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Ink Cartridge Buying Guide

What are ink Cartridge printers?

Ink cartridges are an important part of an inkjet printer; it is very much like a reservoir which contains ink and it can also be refilled once it runs out of ink. Inkjet printers provide a great economical way to get high quality printing at home at quite a lower cost.

One particular ink cartridge may actually fit into a series of models or might be apt just for one specific type of an inkjet printer. Hence it is understandable that an inkjet printer may require frequent replacement of the cartridges on a regular basis to help it remain functional for a long period of time. However, it is important to have some basic idea before you go for buying an ink cartridge for your inkjet printer.

  1. Compatibility: It is absolutely essential to check the compatibility of the ink cartridge with your inkjet printer. You may buy an ink printer which is manufactured by your printer manufacturer or otherwise, you may also buy it from a third party manufacturer. However, if you are buying from a third party manufacturer; make sure you go through the compatibility chart listing down the names of printers which can use that.
  2. Colored cartridges: An inkjet printer sometimes uses colored cartridges as well. Four main colors, including magenta, cyan, yellow and black are being used for the purpose. In most cases colored cartridges carry four reservoirs where each of the color is being kept. Some of the high end printers can also contain eight colored cartridges which are used for advanced purposes.
  3. Print Heads: The print head is a kind of chip that may be integrated to the printer or may also form a part of the cartridge. It is usually controlled by a small circuit board. However, it is so delicate that there are every possibilities that it would get destroyed if touched, so one has to be extra cautious while handling them after purchase and during the time of installation.
  4. Selecting the right ink: It is quite important to select the right ink for the printer. Generally, there are two types of inks which are commonly used viz. pigment based inks and dyed based inks. While dyed based inks are used to bring out vibrant colors, it has issues related to drying. On the other hand, pigment based inks dry out quickly and can bring out clearer and more defined images. Hence, the kind of ink that you opt for depends a lot on your individual requirement.

The above mentioned points come handy while you go for buying an ink cartridge. Evaluation of these factors will help you buy the right cartridge that just adheres to your needs.


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Tips to consider when you buy ink cartridges at a discount online

An ink cartridge is one of the components of the inkjet printer which contains an ink that is deposited on the paper during the process of printing. If you plan to buy cartridges it is important that you settle on the best deals. These cartridges can be bought online with the click of a mouse. They are disposable and hold ink in different reservoirs. Apart from the reservoirs these cartridges are fitted with a chip and electric contacts which enable the communication of the cartridge with the paper. The cartridge which you buy will depend on the style and size of the printer.

Buying the right ink cartridge

It is important that you narrow down on a good brand if you want the cartridge to work properly. The most two common types of ink cartridges which are available today are the thermal and the piezoelectric. Before you place an order of an ink cartridge it is suggested that you gather little knowledge about the printer. When you choose a product online keep in mind the discounts which you can avail. At discount ink cartridges stores you will come across remanufactured cartridges. The components of a used cartridge are checked. Any component which is damaged or deteriorated is exchanged and the cartridge is restored to the working condition.

Take an informed decision

If you are aiming at saving few precious bucks when buying ink cartridge Vancouver opt for a printer which has separate cartridges for each color. This way you can save money when you buy colored ink. When you buy cheap ink cartridges Canada online at discounts make sure that you buy them in bulk. With some research on the internet you will come across stores which sell bundles of cartridges at reduced prices. When you buy ink cartridges at discounts online make sure that you take an informed decision.

Points to bear in mind

Comparison shopping is suggested when you buy cartridges. Check the rates at which discounts are being offered on the cartridges. Before you buy the cartridge make sure that you do not ignore the manual. As you set out to buy the ink cartridge it is necessary that you choose the right ink. At times when you decide to buy ink cartridges at discounts you may come across online coupons which offer cheap deals. Make use of these coupons to buy ink cartridges at discounted rates.

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How to fix a clogged ink cartridge in cost-effective ways

An inkjet printer is almost a must have requirement for everyone. Be it your small business, or household requirements, a printer comes handy whenever you need to organize budget, make plans. All you need is to make a soft copy draft and take a print out. It is simply that easy.

However, it is important to maintain the ink cartridges in a proper way to help it remain functional for a long time. It is important to clean printer heads on a regular basis as otherwise it’s nozzles are clogged. The inkjet nozzle is about 45 microns in diameter. You can surely clean up minor clogs manually. Let’s take a look how you can clean up the nozzle manually without much effort. Here’s a step by step guideline which can help you do so.
The first and foremost step is to remove the ink tank and printer head with utmost care and caution. Remove ink tanks from the print holder and seal them properly.

The next step is to get the print head soaked. Put some paper towels in a container. Take another bowl and put a mixture of ammonia and distilled water that container. Heat up the liquid in a microwave. Do ensure that you do not end up boiling the liquid. Take it out of the microwave. All you need to do now is pour that liquid all over the paper towels and existing in the former container; make sure that you are covering the entire towel and there is some liquid beneath the towels. Now put the printer heads on the top of the towels and you would notice the ink coming out. Keep moving the print heads across different spots and clean it completely.

In some cases if the ink happens to be clogged for a fairly long time, it is suggested to soak it in the paper towel for about three to four hours at a stretch. Move the print heads from one position to another from time to time so as to clean it completely.
You can easily clean up the clogged inkjet printer at home following the method mentioned above. So the next time you want to opt for an inkjet printer, make sure you have the guide handy for to ensure sustained maintenance of the product.

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Common Ink Cartridge Buying Mistakes

An inkjet printer is surely one of the most essential infrastructural requirements for every household and small business. The advantage of an inkjet printer is the fact that it provides good quality prints at fairly economic costing. However, an inkjet printer requires refilling of the cartridge on a regular basis. But first time users often end up making mistakes while buying cartridges. The following guide outlines some common mistakes made by first time buyers which will help them be more careful while they opt for buying ink cartridges.


Confirmation to the key point:


While you opt for buying ink cartridge, you should ideally confirm and tally the printer model and the number of cartridge. If you don’t happen to be that technical on this front, just remember the brand and model of the printer and mention that to the retailer. Else you can also bring in the dry and empty cartridges to the retailer and he would get an exact idea on the kind of requirement that you have.


Opting for the wrong ink:


It’s very important to have a basic idea about the kind of ink that would adhere to your needs. There are generally two types of ink used which differ in their characteristic feature and usage. Stable dye based inks are used to bring out vibrant colors. However, this type of ink takes time to dry up. On the contrary, pigment based ink types dry up much quicker and brings out more clear images. Sometimes, waterproof pigment based inks are also used that are more apt for photo printing assignments.


Buying in bulk:


Last but never the least, one of the most important concerns is to figure out the quantity that you require. In many cases people buy only as per the requirement basis. However, buying in small packages does not cater you with significant cost benefit. For instance, if you happen to run a small business or an NGO, chances are you would certainly have printing requirements on a regular basis. In such a case, a good decision is to buy in bulk beforehand and if you buy online it is even better. Buying online can help you get better discount offers.

Apparently it may seem that buying in bulk costs you heavily in one go…but over months it would definitely help you slash down overhead expenses.

Knowledge of a few basic ideas can actually help you now just reduce cost on printing but also buy the right kind of ink cartridge which would not make you repent your purchase.

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