Affordable Laser Printer Refill Services in Vancouver

There are two types of printers and they use different cartridge refills:

  1. Laser Printer: Toner cartrridge refill
  2. Inkjet Printer: Ink cartridge refill

Founded in 2001, Payless Cartridge Solutions specializes in new and remanufactured toner cartridges and laser printers delivered to you on-site and on-time. You simply get quality toner cartridges promptly delivered, live phone support – all without any complicated contracts.

Original printer cartridges are manufactured by the manufacturer or brand of the printer, such as Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Xerox and Lexmark. They are usually made by combining new and recycled parts at factories worldwide.

Remanufactured cartridges are the types of cartridges we sell at Payless Cartridges. A remanufactured cartridge is a cartridge that has gone through all the steps fully – so it is in fact rebuilt.

    • Printer is completely disassembled
    • All components are inspected, separated and cleaned
    • New parts are installed
    • Toner refill done to original specifications
    • Toner sealed to prevent leakage adding pull-out strip
    • Cartridge reassembled and tested for quality on the right printer

Therefore, our toner cartridges are rebuilt from the scratch to give our customers the same, original quality and reliability – there’s no skimping! Our services extended to Burnaby.

Advantages of Laser Printer Over Inkjet Printer in Vancouver

Better resolution and print quality.

Laser printers give a professional look to your letters – you can even “feel” the difference.

No ink.

Laser printers use toners. Your cartridges don;t dry ip when you go on a long vacation or take leave of absence.

Cheaper to operate.

Vendors sell inkjet printers because they will make lots of money later on selling the ink. Laser printers may cost more up front, but the cost per page works out to be far less than inkjet.

Waterproof printing.

Ever had the ink smear when it got wet? Doesn’t happen with a laser printer – plastic is melted to the sheet and is completely water-proof.

Benefits of Laser Printers

Low operating cost.

Laser printers offer outstanding color at reasonable prices. On an average laser printers cost 3 cents a page. Original color laser printers are widely available for $200 – and with Payless refill or remanufactured cartridges you can get even more value for money!

Long life and reliability.

Laser printers are legendary for their service life. Many of them can print out 30,000 pages per month and they last for many years. Payless remanufactured cartridges for your laser printer can make it last even longer and make it even more cost-effective. Even the accessories of laser printers last long.

Minor repairs.

Routine maintenance and a few minor repairs that are just a matter of changing parts can be done at Payless very easily.

What are the disadvantages of using toner cartridges?

The two main drawbacks that come to mind are:

    • Laser printers are very complex as compared to inkjet printers.
    • Toner cartridges are more expensive than inkjet printer cartridges.

Inkjet printer cartridges are good for using at home, but toner cartridges are ideal for office and high-volume printing.

We provide all types of printer repair service in Vancouver. We have very affordable repair rates too and we are sure to become your own stop solution for every toner and cartridge refilling problems you have with your printer.

The Payless team are experts in providing services for ink cartridge refill and laser printer refill in Vancouver and we make sure that we are the best in providing quality ink, which is compatible with the printer, for both domestic and industrial usage.

We are located in Downtown Vancouver, so drop in or give us a call today to schedule a site visit anywhere in the greater Vancouver area.


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  • Johnson Smith
    We have been purchasing toner cartridges from Payless Cartridge for a number of years. I have always been impressed with their fast response time and high quality products. And in the event of a printer breakdown, Payless Cartridge's technician will come to my office in no time to repair my machine.
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