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Evidence in it (work () {(‘review of the work area page’);}}; “Electronic Arts” calls FIFA 15 as close as possible with reality reality. EA has added a lot of improvements to the gameplay .

New emotion engine allows players to react more effectively and internal function nezalezhnaadWe’ve been bigger, they could not score scoring. With more than 600 animations showing the scope of emotion you can see during the game’s work, including fury or protests, FIFA15, wants to believe that you are in this gri.Interfeys also improved when tavaryshypaCPU team respond well with the game time when the tactically opponents react on the site.

FIFA 15 includes tools for training and ability to convert techniques and strategies to simplify them. The new feature – the opportunity to provide individual kozhnymgultsuuwanjani techniques. Example: Free delivery of a link flight during the pressure to the enemy, carries the ball.

Protyagommatchi there are two new horizontal ways: onefor running and other for a clean offensive strategy (best used when losing). Ways can be vykarystanypadchascents and add to the present five: Ultra-protection, protection, best, misuse and ultra-pravoporushennya.Ultimate Team offers exciting new features. You can create Concept squads, get players on a loan and play in a friendly seasonal match and compete against your existing Ultimate Team syabramiz in the new 1B1 matchah. VidMate Download Torrent
Z center match match Day you mozhetedotrimuytes news and resultsof the comma.Onnim their message FIFA 15 has become a place for real and virtual football vidpovidno.Polipsheny gameplay

There is more precision when dribbling the ball, and now, you better kantralyavatsmyachtraektorii.Z improve ball control physics looks more alive and realistichnim.Odin one time to protect more intensively, more strategy is needed for rubber kidnapping. If you are beaten, you can try to run the block, but you can quickly fouls sklasts.VorotaritakozhmayutsmpyaAI, so they can really deal with shots on target. This, along with animation enhancements, can see pictures on even more fun goals.

And finally, there is also good news for those who like playing one player: the game test your ability of gulyatssupratsAI and calibrate the difficulty level according to your skill. But problems are always changing with environmental support.

enjoy the video

The new graphics engine adds the update needed visual zasobivvid FIFA 14.Already reducedbecause the game is going on, the players show models to show grass and mud when it is pidhodu.Glyadachi will end the most part, adding a precise column of realism. There are also new sound effects, such as rubber hits polyus.Teper FIFA 15 also shows ads on the road, as well as operatorna mchchchchyki. Game Penalty section by introducing health and destination, ultimately, in line with the quality that you see when viewing gri.Zahoplyuyuchai real close to the frontierFIFA 15 shows the latest FIFA improvementsall series.

New ball physics is one of the best features of FIFA 15, dadavshynovy sophistication and strategy games. The new engine produces graphics and animations, is interesting and enhancing the reality of the game.

Squares again ultimately, and pay attention to detail, which is never seen in any football game. In the game, great tipz compared with FIFA 14. Pachutstsozdolnastsi do things really want, does not rivnih.Udoskonalennya in Ultimate Team offers more depth in this game mode, and you caneven control your Ultimate Team on the phone using the official EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion app, Available for Android and iPhone. Zreshtoyu, FIFA 15 – lepshayafutbolnaya game we have seen yet. The big step in quality from the original version is best, in terms of graphics and gameplay. Of course, this need for any futboliventilyatorYak one of the most famousEA franchise agencies, the FIFA 15 gameplay law, which spadyaetstsazrabits its best player in the market.

FIFA 15 has a new engine, the best designs and the bestphysical care for the ball, and enhancing the strategy and techniques used during the severe match and improving the Ultimate Team.


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