Steps we Should Follow in Ink Refilling

Anyways keeping those aside, let us explore the quickest, easiest and most accurate way to refill the cartridge of your laser printer.

Ink Refill Steps

The Refilling Steps

The holding tank inside the cartridge is where the toner powder should be filled in. You can find the tank inside the cartridge. It is a featureless wide compartment that can be easily noticeable.

  • Ensure that the tank has holes to admit the toner.
  • Some cartridges have fill holes covered with a plastic plug that needs to be removed before refilling. If it does not have a hole you have to make your own hole before refilling.
  • The toner kits come with the tools to make the hole. Use it to create a fill hole on the tank.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the refill kit to do it.
  • Create the hole gently and carefully to avoid any damage to other parts of the cartridge.
  • The hole needs to be large enough for the toner bottle to nozzle.
  • Place a funnel cap in a slanted position and transfer the powder through the refill hole by gentle tapping the bottle.
  • Continue the process until the bottle is fully empty.
  • Once done, reseal the fill hole.
  • If it is a pre-made one, put the plug into it otherwise; reseal it with an aluminum tape provided by the refilling kits.

Then hold the cartridge horizontally and gently shake it from side to side to ensure proper distribution of the powder throughout the cartridge. After that, reinstall the cartridge back to the printer.

However, before you buy the toner powder you have to be aware of some important factors and these are:

Purchasing a Compatible Toner Powder

Cartridge toner powder differs in size, chemical structure and weight of the grain. Consequentially, only the compatible toner is going to work with the cartridge. There are verities of toners available in the market for different printer models. Therefore, it is better to carry out your research and queries to find the right toner best suited for your cartridge, or else, an inappropriate toner can cause damage to your printer.

Refilling the cartridge is a Messy Job

Always be prepared with towels or newspapers on a flat surface to safeguard the floor or space in case you spill the powder. Put on rubber gloves to prevent the powder from coming in contact with your hands.

Extra Smart Chip Problem

Some printer models require a new smart chip fuse to be installed with the toner refill. Otherwise, it does not work. Verify if your printer is one of these models. Majority of the refill kit comes with a smart chip that can be installed after the refilling work.

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