Ways to reuse a printer cartridge

Printers are a regular requirement for business houses as well as households. Whether it is large corporate organizations, brands or small and medium businesses, non government organizations, every organizational body are in regular and almost daily requirements for printers. It is quite true that the requirement for paperworks has gone down, thanks to the acceptance of soft copies as official papers. Nonetheless, you do in fact need to have a hard copy back p at times. Soft copies are vulnerable to data theft and loss; in such a situation, having a hard copy back up is very much essential.

However, while using printers using liquid inks, it should be borne in mind that the cartridges dry up pretty quickly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the ink has exhausted,  it is only dried up. In such a case it wouldn’t be a sensible choice to throw it away and replace with another. So what could be the way out ?

Possibly, the easiest method is to soak the clogged nozzle in lukewarm water until the ink in liquefied and starts coming out of the nozzle. Pat it dry with a tissue paper or a piece of cotton. That’s it! Just reinstall the cartridge and start using it again.

You can also poke a toothpick on the small holes of the nozzle and the put a wet tissue paper or a paper towel on the top of it. This will help you extract the ink out.

Another possible solution is to soak the bottom end of the cartridge in warm water. Leave it like that for about two minutes. Ammonia can also be used to make it more effective. However, this procedure would work only if the cartridges have copper bottoms.

However,  there may be instances where the ink is exhausted completely. In such a situation, one should opt for ink refilling services and get the cartridge refilled so as to start using it once again. Instead of replacing the cartridge altogether, it is best advisable to refill the already exhausted cartridge as it would really help you save on overhead expenditure.

The above cited handy tips will help you use the dried up cartridge and is quite helpful for households who do not want to incur unnecessary expenditure each time when the ink dries up. It is also one of the most effective solutions for small and medium businesses and start ups as it helps them slash down overhead costs.

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