Reasons Why Toner Refills are Best Alternative for Laser Printers

Less expensive alternative printer consumables such as re-manufactured toner or inkjet cartridges and compatible cartridges are making these products more famous among consumers and give consumers to save money. A toner refill kit is considered to be the best economical alternative for printers. A toner refill kit can extend the life of a cartridge 3–4 times at a very affordable price. Moreover,  it can also provide high-end quality printouts at a very affordable cost.

A toner refill kit comprises a toner bottle,  a reset chip. A toner bottle goes in to the drum unit of the cartridge. But what does a reset chip do? Why is it important to have a reset chip in the refill kit? A reset chip notifies a printer user about the need of replacement of consumables. A reset chip is loaded with information such as page count, serial number of the toner cartridge, and all other information that helps the reset to notify the owner to replace consumables. With these pre-loaded information, a reset chip can toner levels and the capacity of the printer cartridge. Information such as designated page count is already pre-loaded in the chip. The reset ceases all printing tasks when the designated page count level is achieved. The user can continue with the printing task after replacing the toner and reset chip.

A reset chip can notify the user before the toner level is too low. When a “low toner level” message pops on your monitor screen, it is not completely depleted of toner. The low toner level message is to warn a user before the consumables completely exhaust. Many users continue with printing by tricking the printer sensor or they shake the cartridge a little just to make full use of the left out toner. Although you can save extra money by tricking the printer sensor but this may deteriorate the print quality and it can also wear out the interior. It is imperative to install a reset chip so that a printer user can continue to reuse the cartridge and resume printing jobs.

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