7 best things about Ink Refilling in Vancouver

Around 1, 000, 000 cartridges are disposed per day that is 11 cartridges per second. So, you can how much pollution and waste is created. Most of the disposal process ends in landfills or incinerators.  Printer cartridges are made of plastics which decomposes at a very slow rate between 450-1000 years depending on the cartridge type. So, we can see how much pollution it creates. Ink refill Vancouver has a perfect solution to this problem.

Each year over 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away with most ending up in landfills or in incinerators. The waste from these cartridges even contains carcinogenic elements. So if we all can refill we will be able to secure a better future for ourselves.

Benefits of refilling are as follows –

  1. It conserves our environment by saving oil, water, timber etc.  Making of cartridge requires these raw materials.  In only seven months over 11 million gallons of oil can be saved if ink cartridges are recycled. Production of each and every new cartridge requires more than three quarts of oil.
  2. It reduces air, water pollution. Recycling ink cartridges means no incineration and no landfilling and no manufacture of cartridges. Therefore Ink cartridge refill must be act owned by all.
  3. Refilling cartridges helps in lessening the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, which is leading to global warming and several unusual climatic changes.
  4. If we all start to learn refilling our cartridges, we can save our nature, and can make it a pleasurable place for our future generations.  A small change in habit can bring a big change. Otherwise our future generation will be in mess.
  5. It helps to save energy, since production of each new cartridge requires quite a huge amount of energy. Get in touch with ink cartridge refill Vancouver and learn more.
  6. Ink refill saves a huge amount of money. The cost of every ink cartridge is huge. So we can cut that expense from our budget simply by recycling ink cartridges.
  7. You can print more often without any hesitation. When you are refilling you don’t have to worry about the expense of printing any more. So you can freely print whenever you need .

So these are best things about ink refilling. So, just need to be a little more concerned about our environment and take steps to save it without affecting these advanced methods of working. Ink refill Vancouver can provide you with expert tips. So contact paylesscartridge.ca and learn more and act smart.

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