Sometimes the toner cartridge does not work properly. No need to freak out and change it. There are few steps, by following you can gain back your printer’s previous efficiency.  Generally we tend to change the cartridge, however by adjusting few settings along with few tricks one can help the toner to perform better. It also makes the cartridge last longer. Get in touch with toner refill Vancouver service providers.

Try the following tricks before trying anything drastic to fix your printer cartridge. By following these tricks you can save money as well.

Toner Cartridges to be shaken
When you find that the cartridge is printing unevenly, just remove the cartridge gently and shake it slowly so that the ink gets redistributed.  Before shaking cover the cartridge with a piece of cloth or towel. This trick will give more life to the cartridge and you can use it a little more.
Nozzle might get clogged
Clogged nozzle can be a reason for your printer’s poor performance. Wipe the bottom of the cartridge with damp towel. Then before reinstalling wipe it up with a dry piece of cloth. Test it first before doing an important task.
Change Font
Sometimes larger fonts put stress on the cartridge, which may lead to its poor performance. Try to avoid chunky styles and use 11 and 12 font.
Printing Less
Don’t print in a random manner. Print only when needed. Try to save documents electronically. Print only when necessary. Try to make use of email, social networking sites.
Printer setting to be changed 
By changing and adjusting printer setting you can gain back your printer’s performance. We often miss to check these tiny features which can solve our problem in a second.
Try to print in Black and White or Grayscale
Colour print gives stress on cartridges. So try to print inn black and white or grayscale.
Draft Mode
Draft mode saves both ink and time by printing faster.
Turn to Toner Saver Mode
This mode can help you save your ink.
Toner Brands switching
Change your toner brand, this might increase the efficiency. Laser toner refill is also a solution. Therefore for expert opinion get in touch with toner refill Vancouver experts.
Therefore to boost up your toner refill follow the tricks mentioned above. By following them you will save money and will also render longer life to your ink cartridge. For more information contact

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