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3 Non-genuine Printer Cartridge Refill Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

Nowadays, consumers have so many options to choose the ink cartridges for their printers that they do not need to settle for a renowned brand to meet their needs. The cheaper ones offer such great choice that people can easily opt for that option instead of going for a renowned brand.

Off course, buying compatible and remanufactured inks has its advantages. Some of it includes, cheaper prices, as a result a large number of the cartridges can be bought and stored as back-up, helping you save unnecessary trips to get your cartridges refilled.

However, just like all these advantages, they have their disadvantages too. In this blog we will discuss the drawbacks of purchasing non-genuine ink cartridges over the genuine ones.

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Printer Can Have a range of Problems that can Stop the Printing

Printer can present a range of problems that can stop the printing. The printer can run out of ink, produce poor quality prints, slow printing, paper jams and many more. In this blog we will discuss some of the most common printer issues that owners may face within a printer’s lifetime.

Printer does not print

It is one of the most common printer related issue that you may face from time to time while printing. If you cannot find an error message leading you to the issue, check the connection of the printer. Verify whether the machine is properly connected to the usb or Ethernet cable. If operated by wifi, then ensure that the internet connected is on.

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3 Problems Using Non-Genuine Printer Ink Cartridges

In our consumer free-choice world of printer ink cartridges everyone now has the choice of genuine branded inks, compatible (built new overseas) or remanufactured (refilled) inks. Sometimes the cheaper copies can be a great choice, but sometimes it is not.

There are some advantages to be made when buying compatible and remanufactured inks. Cheaper prices mean that the consumer saves money. As well, cheap prices mean that a number of cartridges can be kept in back-up, saving unnecessary trips to buy ink.

However, often so many problems arise when using non-genuine over genuine that they become too much of a hassle.

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Refilling Your Cartridges – Some Common Issues

Prints green as blue or orange as red

More than likely you are out of yellow ink OR the yellow ink isn’t flowing correctly. Check your yellow cartridge and refill it if necessary.

Prints orange as yellow or violet as blue

You are out of magenta ink or the magenta ink isn’t flowing correctly. Check your magenta cartridge and refill if necessary.

Prints green as yellow or violet as red

Your cyan ink cartridge is empty or the cyan ink isn’t flowing correctly. Check your cyan cartridge and refill if necessary.

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