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4 Most Common Ink Cartridge Refilling Mistakes That Should To Be Avoided

Whether you study, operate a business, own a factory or is a home owner, printer is one of the most important commodities to have. Nevertheless, printer cannot work without its ink. That makes ink cartridges equally as important as the printer. However, every now and then when our ink runs out and we rush to buy our brand new ink cartridges we make some common and simple mistakes that make our life difficult. These mistakes could be easily avoided. In this blog we will discuss these issues:

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How to Smartly Handle Your Expired Toner Cartridge

Just like any other items, our toner and ink cartridges come with an expiry date too. It is important to know the expiry date of your cartridges. Especially, if you purchase them in bulk and store them for continuous usage.

You need to remember that once the ink expires, the quality of the ink starts to quickly go downhill. However, if it is stored properly, you might get to use it for a few more years even if expires. Here are some things to consider if your cartridges are running out of time.

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How to Add Toner to Your Laser Printer Cartridge Easily

You can easily add toner to your laser printer without purchasing a new toner cartridge. The process is very simple and inexpensive. In this blog we will show you how you can do it! Continue reading to find out!

Printer Compatibility is Very Important

Initially, you have to buy the type of toner that is compatible with the printer and the cartridge that you are using. Since, the toner powders vary depending on the size of the grains, chemical property and weight. This is the reason only the compatible ones will work with your printer and cartridge.

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