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Revisions can be frustrating, especially if the deadline is just a day or a few hours before. Other than the frustration, you also need to find a way to do proofreading as fast and efficiently as possible which is why here are some tips you can use in doing so.

Before anything, I highly recommend you start off with a conducive environment for reading and doing corrections such as a library or your dormitory this helps you focus on the proofreading you need to do.

  1. For the first step, read the essay aloud

Read your essay aloud multiple times. Reading aloud will help you notice any small details which slipped past you earlier so that you can recheck and revise them as need be later on. You can even spot details such as missing commas, wrong spelling or the wrong use of words.

  1. The second one is to create a list of the mistakes in your essay

As you read line per line, jot down all the mistakes you have made thus far either on a separate piece of paper or mark them down on a hard copy of your essay. Doing this will help you keep track of the mistakes you made and make it easier for you to find them.

  1. Use any programs that can check grammar and spelling errors

Relying solely on your office app’s spell or grammar checker is not enough. You should learn how to use other programs to check for any errors but do not depend on them so much.

  1. Get feedback

You should ask a friend or a peer to help review your essay. This will help take you less time to do the revisions and even help you to change content you did not think needed changing.

So all in all, there are still other ways to go such as doing things manually but the four tips above are the essentials on what you have to remember. If all else fails though, you need to consult someone with experience with the subject. You may even consult a professional other than your professor about it but always be ready should you need to spend a dime.

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