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Q. What are Recycled Cartridges?

Sometimes empty and worn out,  disposed cartridges are used to manufacture new cartridges. The benefits of recycling cartridges are that they are used instead of sitting in a landfill for years and it avoid exhaustion of fresh material required for manufacturing new cartridges. But the process of grounding up and using them for manufacture,  produces emissions and wastes that are harmful for the environment. It is more safe and economical to reuse and refill cartridge than recycle them.

Q. What are Refurbished / Reused / Remanufactured Cartridges?

Many people replace their exhausted cartridges with new ones. They dispose of the empty cartridges. These cartridges are collected,  examined, cleaned, tested and refilled for further use. The reasons for reusing/ refurbishing / re-manufacturing old cartridges are for lessening waste collection, reducing the use of energy and petroleum for manufacturing new cartridges, and thus less impact of carbon footprint.

Q. How many times can my cartridge be refilled/re-manufactured?

Both inkjet and toner cartridges can be refilled numerous times, depending on the condition of the cartridge. A reputed refilling company will check your cartridge for any worn out parts,  replace them, clean the cartridge thoroughly and get it refilled with a premium quality ink or toner. It is checked for quality prior to delivery. A performing test is held, on site, after delivery and replaced if not found satisfactory.

Q. What are Refilled Cartridges?

Refilled cartridges are those whose new ink or toner has been refilled by a cartridge refilling shop or by the cartridge owner himself with the aid of a cartridge refilling kit. Although refill kits are more economical than getting the cartridges refilled by a cartridge company, the quality of the kit’s ink or toner is usually not of a premium quality. The other problems of getting the cartridges refilled at home is being unable to change any worn out part of the cartridge, contamination risk of the new ink with the residual old ink, and the chances of air bubble being pushed into the cartridge while refilling it. It is better to get them professionally refilled by a reputed cartridge refilling company.


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