Step by Step Instruction to Refill Laser Printer Toner

Each Laser printer is prepared with a toner cartridge that is helpful in printing your papers or images. It is not essential to get a new toner cartridge since you can simply refill laser printer toner physically by following the correct set of steps.

Tools Required Replenishing Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

Before you begin refill the toner cartridge, it is vital to purchase a classy toner ink. Be ready with a star-cut screwdriver, a paper sheet or any waste-paper, soft cloth, any jagged edge driver and a value toner ink bottle.

Step by Step set of instructions

Step by Step Instruction to Refill Laser Printer Toner

Step-1: After pull the toner from a laser printer the primary step involves opening the bolt of side cover

Step-2: Now take the side cover off

Step-3: After you have taken out exterior cover, the next footstep is to pull out the drum unit. Clutch it from a white portion (gear) and pull it in the right direction as instructed.

Step-4: Kindly plug-out PCR roller

Step-5: Use slight push PCR rod to right-side with a few sharp-edge devices and then shift PCR slightly up and take it out towards the left

Step-6: Then the forward step is to disconnect the waste unit and ink unit, which are connected together with pins. Take out the pins from both sides of the cartridge.

Step-7: After roughly pushing pin from within, it’s time to take it out from the outer side since it has thrown out after being pressed from within

Step-8: After you remove pins from both sides of the toner cartridge, you have to remove a spring as shown

Step-9: Next stride is to separate two major units of the cartridge. The first unit is a waste unit and the second is called ink-unit.

Step-10: Remove the spring followed by the plastic cover

Step-11: Remove the screws of the throw away unit to separate the wiper-blade and then eradicate the waste-Ink

Step-12: Now that you have dealt with the Wiper-Blade, you should freshen the waste collection unit and Blade segment. Wiper-Blade should be unsoiled with a spongy cloth and not with a brush as the brush can put scratch on blade.

Step-13: Now, you have to re-assemble waste-unit part. First, put the wiper-blade followed with the plastic cover

Following a set of steps helps in easy removal of the ink cartridge and replacement.


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