How To Save On Toner Cartridges

One of the most common issues faced when using a printer is the high cost of toner ink. You should be interested in reducing the cost of ink when using a cartridge. Here is a list of must dos if you want to save on cartridge ink in Vancouver.

  1. Try and shop for printers that have a low cost per page. There are some printers that have a low sticker price and ink costs are not considered when you pay for it in the market. The ink and toner charges are often in inverse proportion to the entire cost of budget ink jet printers. The running costs of inkjet printers is also considerably rise with printers that have a high cost per page. Try and opt for cartridges that have the highest capacity with lower costs of maintenance.
  2. Buy a superior color printer laser that can print many graphics and photos with ease. These are capable of creating handouts and promotional documents. This will help you save on money when you send for these materials to a printers. You can actually go for an on demand printing option and save on ink costs in the long run.
  3. You a printer with an automatic duplexer that allows you to print on both sides of the printing paper. The duplex or the two sided printing option is extremely eco-friendly and will help in cutting costs to at least half of what it is now. The cost in ink may also go down in the long run if you change the driver setting to the simplex setting mode.
  4. Another every effective way to cut printer ink costs is to check the printer software settings along with driver apparatus, this can cut costs in the long run!

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5 Amazing Fun Facts About Printers

Printers are considered as one of the best inventions of the world. It allows you to produce multiple copies of a single document in just a fraction of second. But, are you aware of some amazing fun facts about the printers?


Here, we are discussing 5 such facts that will leave you stunned once you read them.

Printer Fun Fact # 1

The toner cartridge used for laser printers is made of plastic. As compared to ink -cartridges, toner do not directly spray the ink on the paper. This is done with the help of changing electrostatic charges. To transfer this into the paper, the laser printer engages its fuser rollers. These fuser rollers have a melting point of about 205o Celcius, that can actually melt the plastic used to manufacture toner cartridges.

Pinter Fun Fact # 2

Though the melting point of fuser rollers are about 205o Celcius that is enough to burn down the paper. But, the rate at which it functions prevents the paper from turning into ashes.

Printer Fun Fact # 3

Which one do you think consumes more energy, desktop computer or your printer? The answer is your printer. Do not go by the size, though printers are smaller than the computers, but when both are being actively used the printer is believed to consume about 3 times more energy than a computer.

Printer Fun Fact # 4

Do not be amazed by knowing about the smallest printer in the world. Manufactured by Planon, the Printstick is said to be 1 inch in height, 11 inches in length and 2 inches in width. This pocket printer gets connected to your device through the Bluetooth and comes with 20 sheets of paper inbuilt.

Printer Fun Fact # 5

The invention of 3D printers will change the world. How? These printers have the capability to print food, real life houses, guns, clothing, jewelry and other artificial prosthetics that are used in the medical profession. Moreover, NASA is planning to send 3D printers to the outer space so that astronauts can create their shelter and necessary tools.-


We are sure that these fun facts have definitely surprised you and enhanced your knowledge more about the printers and the technology it uses. For more queries related to your printers and printing services in Vancouver, visit

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4 Best Ways To Reduce Ink Usage In Printer

If you are a regular user of toner cartridges, you may find this useful. Saving the environment and helping reduce the consumption of ink or toner may help consolidate the burgeoning costs at work and even home. Here are some of the sure shot ways to cut the extra costs:

  • Use your inkjet printer in the draft mode. This helps in reducing the use of ink drastically. Most inkjet printers produce the output by shifting the print cartridge along the page and by sprinkling the ink dots to create a printing. If you clock on the “normal” mode, the average inkjet printer will make multiple passes in “draft” mode, it is able to make a single pass and move to the next line. The characters are not that bold and can still be readable.
  • You should also reduce the output resolution of the laser printers you are using to produce better than average images that may not be as dark but can be printed fast.
  • Use your inkjet printers to print black only without using the colour cartridge all the time. Choose the gray scale always and save money without having to purchase any colour ink cartridges. The dual ink cartridge system will prove beneficial in the long run for regular use.
  • Always turn the toner save feature in the inkjet printer. This feature will always help save the toner ink considerably. You can also reduce the density of the copied documents and change the settings of the multi-function print/scan/ fax machine to a normal setting every time you get started with printing. The toner cartridge often wears out thin with high resolution settings. So change these to average settings every time to save on ink.

No matter what kind of cartridge you use, it is imperative that you follow certain rules to ensure that the toner cartridges in Vancouver last you longer than usual! Reduce ink usage and reap the results in the long term!

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3 Mistakes you should avoid using ink cartridge refills

You may opt for an ink cartridge refill in Vancouver, without putting too much stress on the kind of refill you are buying. Many of us, often tear open a printer package only to notice that the cartridge that comes with the printer often is not up to a certain standard and is a waste of the money that you have spent. Here are some of the mistakes that you can avoid while buying the ink cartridge:

  1. Read the information manual on your printer every time you actually go for a refill. Remember to actually consult the manual when you are going to replace the cartridge. The good majority of users, often do not have the slightest idea about the kind of printer he or she is using. In case you do not know the basics,  it makes sense to ask the sales clerk about the method to change the cartridges.
  2. Make sure you write the brand name and the model number when you are throwing away the cartridges. It makes sense to browse through the cartridge stacks and find a printer cartridge that is the best fit. So do not jump the gun and buy just another one!
  3. When you are buying a cartridge, make sure that the ink is the right one that you choose. There are essentially two broad kinds of ink that are available in the market. There are the stable and dye based inks that are able to print the best papers in vibrant colors. There are the other kinds of pigment based inks that take a longer time to dry and are water proof often used for photo printing and publishing.

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Your printer will not function properly if the correct ink refill has not been used. So, opting for the best ink refills and kits will be an ideal option.
Here, are a few tips that will help you efficiently choose the best ink refills and kits.

Match With Your Printer Requirements

When you are buying ink refill or kits for your printer, one of the most important things to consider is to know about the printer requirements. It is recommended that the printer ink should closely match the ink refills for better and more effective printing.


Carefully Check The Kit Contents

An ink refill kit should contain all the basic requirements like dropper as well as rubber gloves that are essential to fill your cartridge. Opting to buy a kit proves to be cost effective as you will not be required to buy the tools separately, which might become expensive.

Read Reviews For The Kit You Have Opted For

It is very important to first carefully see if the product you are purchasing is what you require. This will help you to determine the best product for your printer. Search on the internet for product reviews, this is a very time-saving task. Thus, staying assured about the quality of the product being purchased is a must for every customer.

Places To Find Ink Refills And Kits

Though a large number of office store supplies offer you ink refills as well as kits, but if your want to save money as well as time than the best option would be to search the internet for variable products. This would also help you to select from a range of available products and then opt for the one required for your printer.
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