Don’t Miss Out on the Big Advantages of Ink and Toner Refill

Studies reveal that In North America a whopping 40 thousand tons of harmful landfills prevented by refilling and re-using ink-cartridges. Studies further show that each year there are as many as 1 lakh used cartridges which are re-used and this further helps in saving almost 10 thousand kilos of aluminum, 1 lakh liters of oil and 40 tons of plastic from polluting the environment. That is just one aspect. There is another crucial aspect that makes the concept of ink-refilling more feasible, which is the financial aspect.

Key Reasons to Re-use Ink Cartridges:

  • The biggest advantage of re-using ink cartridges is that it reduces pollution drastically. This pollution mainly affects the air and the water. Hence by refilling your old cartridges you can still get on with the same quality of work, save money and also save the environment as well.
  • Re-usage of old cartridges also helps in saving huge amount of energy, which can therefore be used for some other fruitful purpose.
  • Our natural resources such as minerals, Oil, water and timber are saved as the need for raw material is reduced.
  • The emission of harmful greenhouse gases is also reduced. These gases are responsible for the change in the global climate. Hence a small change in our habit can help in making this world a safer living space.

Why Should it Be Done?
The huge waste that is there can be easily reduced with the help of re-cycling. However, even today 50% toner cartridges and 70% ink cartridges are not recycled. The cartridges are made from a special polymer which has a very slow rate of decompose. Besides that, there is also the apprehension f these cartridges leaking printer ink that is quiet harmful for the environment.

Other studies have also shown that in the production process of each ink cartridge a little more than three quarts of oil is required. A new ink-jet cartridge requires 3 ounces of oil. With recycling this amount can easily go down and can save more than 10 gallons of oil in just seven months by recycling of cartridge.

The importance of ink cartridge and toner refill can thus be understood. There are some good ink refilling Vancouver companies that offers this service. Payless cartridge Solutions is one of the most reputed ink refill companies. Visit them at to know more about them and also to avail their services. A small step can save you money and make this world a safer place!

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