5 Tips That Can Prolong Your Printer’s Life

In general the life span of a printing machine hugely depends on the brand of the machine, the model of the machine, and how much the machine is used. However, there are simple ways to avoid day-to-day printing problems and thus prolong the life of your printer, on the long run.

Printer’s Life and Design

1. Clean it

It is a monthly task that hardly takes more than 5 minutes, but it is the best way to extend the lifespan of a printer, cleaning. Gently wipe away the accumulation of paper debris, after you open the printer. Wipe the dust away with a soft piece of cloth. If your printer is used for bulk printing, almost every day, like one that of commercial printers, the cleansing process should be performed twice or thrice a month.

2. Close the Feed Tray

If your printer has a manual feed tray, make sure to keep it closed when not in use. Generally, these trays protrude outside the printers’ body and are often knocked down and broken, unintentionally, by someone passing by. Although this sounds as a hassle, to open and close the feed tray repetitively and consistently, it is a preventive measure that extends the life of the printer. Maintenance that you can do without incurring any cost.

3. Timely Replacement of Cartridges

Make sure that you replace the ink and toner cartridges before they dry up completely. Although, the low-cartridge warnings comes prematurely for most of the printers, but keep an eye once it does. A dry cartridge can damage the head of a printer severely. Make sure you replace them when there is at least 5 percent of the ink or toner left in the cartridge. Also ensure the quality of the ink or toner that is being refilled. Poor quality ink or toner lowers the efficiency of a machine considerably. There are reputed stores that refill toner and ink cartridges in Vancouver, with the best quality ink and toner that too at an affordable price. Get references for prolonging the life of your printing machine.

4. Be Cautious During Cartridge Replacement

You may be replacing your printer cartridges quite often, but every time you do it, do it cautiously. Follow the instructions given in the printer’s manual carefully. Make sure that you don’t touch the bottom of the cartridges. This reduces the quality of printing, and lays stress on your printer, deteriorating its health. You can get the experts from the store from where you are refilling toner and ink cartridges in Vancouver; they can do it efficiently and faster than you

5. Keep The Machine on a Standby Mode

If you are not using your printer, consistently every day, remember to keep it on the “standby mode”. Keeping the machine on, gets it heated up. This dries up the cartridges faster and causes other damages inside the machine. So if you do not have any plans to use your printer for the next few days, keep it on standby instead of switching it off. This practice enhances the health of a machine.

5 Simple practices make considerable impact on the lifespan of a printer. Try these tips along with regular professional maintenance; your printer will last longer.

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