3 Important Reasons Why High-Quality Ink Matters!

Do you know why it is important to buy high-quality printer ink for home and office use? All the powerful wide format inkjet printers incorporate wide varieties of printheads in their mechanism. This allows billions of drops to be directed to a precise location at the same time, producing high-resolution print per hour over hundreds of square metre

However, if an issue arise with jetting it can severely damage the print quality or stop working all together. Let us explore some of the problems that can arise from poorly designed inks:

Printer Ink for Home and office use

Poor Quality Printing!

The reason that you should ignore poor quality printer ink for home and office use is because reliable and quality printing can only be achieved through the characteristics of the adjusted ink fluid, jetting waveform and printhead. The ink needs to be compatible to the jetting waveform and printhead. Features such as theology, surface tension and specific gravity determine the quality of the ink. Too much variation in the feature can lead to poor performance reducing image quality, poor jetting accuracy, reduced image quality and many more.

Therefore, a good ink manufacturer carries out extensive testing of waveform and ink properties. Additionally, companies such as Fujifilm’s conduct thorough quality assurance and quality control process to ensure flawless jetting performances.

Clogged or Deviated Inkjet Nozzle

Printhead nozzles are usually very small in diameter (25 microns). Poorly produced ink particles can cause blockages resulting in misfiring nozzles. This could be noticed when streaks of white stripes are produced during the prints.

These issues are often caused by poor quality or unstable ink. The pigment that gives colour to the ink is made up of clumps of particles that are broken down into smallerparticles to easily pass through the inkjet nozzle. However, poor quality inks tend to stick back together resulting in clogged nozzle and poor printing performance. Once clogged, the nozzles are extremely difficult to recover and the procedure requires lots of time.

Damaged Ink Supply System

Incompatible printer ink can also damage the printeadsor other parts of the ink supply system. Some of the suppliers may guarantee better adhesion to the substrate. However, the aggressive chemicals that they use etch into the mterial and can cause internal damage to the printhead or ink supply system.


Due to the advancement in technology, the demands for printheads and ink performance have increased. They are vital to the production of consistent high-quality print. Printheads are very costly and requires thousands of pounds to replace. Therefore, it is important to keep the heads protected from any damages to maximise its productivity.

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