How To Carryout Toner Refill: Tips From A Top Toner Refill Center

Toners and cartridges are required for laser printers and photocopiers. Inkjet printers on the other hand require wet ink. The toners and cartridges come as dry powders. So, toners and cartridges are better suited for commercial purposes as you can produce higher volume of prints with better quality print. And the best part is that these toners can be refilled at cheap too. The process is easy, fast and affordable.

Anyways, we are here to discuss how to refill your cartridges that your local toner refill center in Vancouver will not tell you. Read through to get the answer.

Toner Refill Center Vancouver

5 Essential Steps to have your Toner Cartridges Refilled

  1. The first thing that you should do is make sure that the toner refill kit that you purchased is compatible to the printer and the emptied cartridge. Each toner has a particular refill kit that is intended for its use.
  2. Toner cartridges consist of very fine powder pigments. There is plenty of health risks concerned when handling such powders. So, you need to take proper precautions and be careful with it. The toner powders are airborne, so, If the toner leaks out form the cartridge, it will be instantly spread out into the air. The toner contains carbon and other toxic metal compounds that could easily harm your health, if inhaled inside. You should wear protective masks and use gloves when conducting the refilling process to keep you protected. Or else, go to your nearest toner refill center and have it refilled.
  3.  You should thoroughly clean the cartridge and the roller first. The toner can be easily cleaned using a fine piece of moistened non-lint cloth. Also, carefully wipe down and remove all the discarded toner from the developer roller.
  4.  Once cleaned, place the cartridge into a hopper. Now, carefully pour the toner into it. Once done, reseal the hole using the materials that is included in the refilling kit. You need to be extra careful, as foreign objects may enter the cartridge and clog it completely.
  5. Once the roller is completely clean and dry, reinstall the toner. Then access the cleaning utility from the printer application software and run it. Does a test print or page alignment.

Normally, it takes around 3-4 cartridge replacement before the quality of printing dips down. However, sometimes, the replacement need could come earlier than that. Only dispose them off once you find them impossible to re-use. Some toner refill centers in Vancouver even offers a small amount of cash for old toner cartridges.


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