Save Loads of Money Even Without Buying Cheap Printer Inks In Vancouver

Printing per page costs a lot. Each print takes up a certain amount of ink to get the documents printed. At the workplace, the inks are constantly being used up to print numerous amounts of documents. This result in quickly emptied cartridges that are needed to be bought or refilled prompt, to continue the printing work.

It is not possible to get a ink cartridge or printer that never runs out of ink, however, steps can be taken to significantly reduce the time taken to empty the cartridges and saving plenty of your money too. How do you do it? Next time when you go on shopping for buying cheap printer ink in Vancouver, here are few tips that will help you save plenty in the long run.

Cheap Printer Ink

#2 – Ink Efficiency (Cost per page)

In order to determine the ink efficiency, it is important to figure out the printing cost of the ink per page. Each model is different since they are designed to print certain amount of pages. It is also known as page yield. How do you calculate the cost of the ink per page? You divide the cost of the cartridge by the amount of page yield. This
Suppose a printer ink costs $28.99, and has a page yield of 500 pages. Divide the $28.99 by 500 and get a result of $0.05 or 5.7 cents. The lower the amount, the more efficient your ink is.

#3 – Cartridge Sizes.

Nowadays, plenty of Ink cartridges come in high yield (XL) sizes. High yield cartridges can print twice the number of pages than a normal one. As a result they are slightly expensive. However, buying a high yield cartridge can save you plenty of money in the long run. You might have to pay a bit more than the normal ones however; you end up getting lot more print for your penny. Still thinking of buying cheap printer ink? Then read the 4th tip.

#4 – Compatibles

The popular and original branded cartridges are usually not cheap. Nevertheless, you can find other options through various retailers. Nowadays, third party suppliers are offering remanufactured cartridges that are printer compatible yet being offered at half the price or less. These compatible cartridges are remanufactured complying with the same standards and using the same quality control as the brand manufacturers does but for a whole lot less. Next time when you buy a printer makes sure to check if you can find cheap compatibles ink cartridges for your models. Therefore, instead of buying cheap printer ink in Vancouver, opt for compatible consumables. I will help you save more in the long run.


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