Refilling Your Cartridges – Some Common Issues

Prints green as blue or orange as red

More than likely you are out of yellow ink OR the yellow ink isn’t flowing correctly. Check your yellow cartridge and refill it if necessary.

Prints orange as yellow or violet as blue

You are out of magenta ink or the magenta ink isn’t flowing correctly. Check your magenta cartridge and refill if necessary.

Prints green as yellow or violet as red

Your cyan ink cartridge is empty or the cyan ink isn’t flowing correctly. Check your cyan cartridge and refill if necessary.

Printer Cartridge Refill Vancouver

Everything is a shade of brown Or Colors look dirty – not precise

You may have accidently put wrong ink in the cartridge or chamber OR the inks have dribbled and mixed during the filling process. You can either ‘bin’ the cartridge or simply print several copies of a page to flush out the ink. Once the cartridge is empty, refill taking care not to compromise the inks.

Printing strange colours

Incorrect ink in the wrong cartridge can cause this but it is also possible that your printer software is not set up correctly. Go to your printer Settings and change to see if that improves the colours. If there is no improvement set your software back to the original setting as the problem will be with the ink in the cartridges and you will have to flush out the cartridge and then refill. To refill printer cartridges, you must visit some trusted store.

Prints with streaks or some letters not printing fully.

A partially clogged printhead usually causes this. Go to your printer’s Maintenance Tab and perform a Head Clean and Nozzle Check. If this doesn’t clear the problem, then you may need to remove the printhead (Canon individual cartridges) and clean or soak the printhead in a very small amount of warm water. However, only do this on cartridges with disposible printheads. Don’t do this if your print head is a permanent part of your printer!

Stops printing on long horizontal lines, but prints again on next pass.

This is a sign that the printhead is not getting enough ink. (With some HP cartridges this is common because the foam generated by the small amount of residual HP ink in the cartridge at the time of the first refill. This problem almost always goes away with the second refill because the refill ink has flushed out the original HP ink.) With other cartridges, this problem usually indicates that not enough ink is getting to the printhead. Look for partial blockages of the ink path, including blockages caused by small air bubbles and paper fibres.

Started to print but then stopped after a couple of pages.

This problem is almost always caused by air locks in sponge-filled cartridges. Check the suggestions under General Filling Hints for sponge-filled cartridges.

Cartridge Won’t Print Anything

This condition is very common with certain cartridges, particularly with reservoir-only cartridges such as provided by Canon and Epson. The symptom is usually one of the following: a. The ink has not made it to the bottom (exit) of the cartridge so there is no ink for the printhead to use. One way to deal with this is to take the cartridge out, turn it upside down and inject some ink into the sponge through the ink exit hole (if it is large enough to do without modification). b. There is an air bubble between the bottom of the sponge and the printhead. This bubble is enough to block ink flow. Be sure that there is a drop of ink in the top of the printhead, and also that there is ink slowly dripping from the exit hole of the cartridge. To remove the air bubble sees General Refilling Hints.

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