How to Solve These 4 Frustrating Printer Ink Problems?

When you purchase an ink cartridge, you pay high price expecting improved performance. So, what if it does not work and presents you with other problems? Read on to know some common cartridge related problems and what to do in such situations.

The Newly Bought Ink Cartridges do not Work

You have bought a new cartridge. While inserting it into the printer, a common problem that you may face is that the cartridge is not being recognised by the printer’s system. Sometimes the cartridge is misread as being empty and does not print.

What you can do in these situations is remove the cartridge and put it back to see if it works. If it still does not work, there could be a problem with the cartridge chip. In that case, you are eligible to get a refund or replacement form your retailer, especially, if the cartridge is bought from a third party claiming it as compatible to your printer. Opt for reliable and recognised ink cartridges shop in Vancouver, instead of just any local ones you find.

Ink Problems Solutions

Clogged Print Head

If there is a blockage in the print head, a thorough cleaning is one of the best ways to get rid of it. It is easy to find this setting in your printer’s menu. However, for the best results, read the manual before conducting such task!

However, you should know that if you are using a compatible ink that is not manufactured by the same brand as the printer itself then the formulation might not work. Rather it might end up clogging the print head and producing prints with dots and missing colours.

If the print head is inside the printer and you cannot clean it for improved performance, you might have to replace it. Visit a good ink cartridge shop in Vancouver to get it fixed. It will not cost you much.

Issues with Leaking Ink Cartridges

Leaking cartridges do not mean it will create a mess around the whole place. You may find that your printer is not working. This kind of problem is more common when you purchase it from a third-party supplier. These kinds of products do not form a good seal after being inserted into the printer. As a result, the air gets inside the cartridge and prevents it from working properly, eventually the cartridge starts leaking ink.

Sometimes such issues can be fixed by removing the cartridge and reinstalling it back to the printer. However, do not press it too hard or you could end up damaging your printer.

Resetting your printer is one of the best ways to fix lots of problems

One of the most effective remedy to any kind of printer ink related issue is to remove the cartridge out, wipe the contact chip and install it back to the printer. This usually clears out all the problems with your printer’s memory and ensures that any debris that may be forcing the malfunctions is all removed. This usually solves more errors than you can think of. However, it is still best to contact your local ink cartridges shop in Vancouver for assistance.

If you have any queries, please free to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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