Copier Machine Repair Service Tips: 3 Common Issues That Can Be Easily Fixed

Photocopier machine is an essential part of any corporate business operation. Single or multi-functional, copier is constantly on the use and is always kept busy. Due to its overuse, it can slowly present lots of issues that can lower your overall productivity. Problems such as streaks or lines while printing, paper jamming, cartridge or toner issues, wrinkled pages, low quality prints or random spots or dots in your prints, can easily ruin your prints or images.

However, all these common problems can be easily fixed. If you have copy machine repairing expertise, these problems can be easily solved. You can fix the problems yourself with these simple tips or you could opt for a copier machine repair service in Vancouver, if you are busy and do not have enough time.

copier machine repair service

Common Copier Machine Repair Service Issues #1: Papers Jamming

Paper jams can severely delay your business output. Some of the most common reasons for paper jamming includes:

  • using the wrong or excessively thick papers
  • incorrect paper loading
  • Dust build up over the copier
  • Stacking excessive papers in the supply reservoir

To solve such issue, just manually remove the jammed paper and re-introduce them to the tray using properly sized and thick papers. However, you need to be careful when pulling the papers out or the papers may tear out and stay stuck inside the machine. In case of no changes or other issues contact your local professional expert to solve the issue for you. It will hardly cost you too much to solve such issues.

Common Copier Machine Repair Service Issues #2: Cartridge And Toner Issues

If the photocopier has not been set up properly in the first place cartridge and toner problems could occur. Problems can also arise, if you are not using the right toner cartridge for your printer model. Since, copy machines require a particular type of toner to function. If you are using incompatible toner inks, the quality of your print will suffer.

Empty malfunctioning toner issues too can cause problems with your photocopier. If you leave your toner cartridge empty, refilling it will quickly solve the issues. If it does not solve even after refilling, it has to be a manufacturer error or compatibility issue. It is best to talk to a copier machine repair service provider to solve such issue.

Common Copier Machine Repair Service Issues #3: Streaks And Lines On Papers

Do you face such issue where every print that your copier produces all shows up with streaks or lines in it? This can be a serious problem and can easily make an important document appear sloppy and unprofessional.

These lines usually develop due to foreign substances present in the scanner glass. Or it could also be due to a problem with the copier fuser. In case of a multi-functioning machine, it could be due to a malfunction in the drum or developer units.

Whatever the reason is, streaks or lines produced is not a copier issue and can be easily dealt with by yourself if you have the expertise or it can be solved by a professional.


For any of these 3 issues or any other issues related to your copier machine, it is best to consult a copier machine repair service in Vancouver! They will guide you the correct way and it might not even cost you much to sort it out.

If you have any queries, please free to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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