Consider These Three factors Before Deciding On Ink Cartridge Refill In Vancouver

If you consider the total amount of money that you invest in an inkjet cartridge across an entire lifespan, you will find that most of your printer maintenance cost lies in keeping it fed with ink. When you consider the cost of a new ink acquired from an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), you will see that the refilled cartridges cost lesser than the OEMs. Even though the price may be low there may be some issues that cause other problems when you introduced a refilled version of the cartridge instead of purchasing it from an OEM. Here are some issues:

Ink Cartridge Refill

Check if the refilled ink is compatible with your printer model

The ink cartridge refill process in Vancouver may not match the chemistry of the original formulas designed for your printer. Quality of the ink balance the vibrancy, denseness, drying time and absorption rate of a print in anexclusive mixture of liquids and pigments.  Sometimes the quality of the refilled ink may not come close to the consistency and performance of the original ink produced by the OEMs. In that case you will notice more absorption into the paper, reducing the freshness of a text and the fine details. Poor quality inks will produce dull or faint output in comparison to the results obtained from new cartridges.

So, check for the compatibility issues and the type of supplier to get a quality ink cartridge

refill in Vancouver.

Find out if the output durability of the refilled ink matches that of the OEM ones

The quality of printed inks depends largely on the lighting and timing condition. If you want your printed images to retain the quality of print results for long periods of time, your ordinary refilled cartridges may not match the performances of new consumables. Before, you start using refilled inks for your office or other functional purposes, try testing a sample of your typical output for light resistance. You can carryout your own accelerated aging test by using two copies of the same page in the sun with one sample printed with new ink while the other with refilled ink. You will see that the refilled one is fading quicker than the newer one, for which the latter still holds the quality and consistency of the ink.

Ink refilling involves risks of leaks and defects

When you are undertaking the ink cartridge refill process in Vancouver all by yourself, you inject just enough amount of ink required to fill up the small chambers. Once refilled, you close the chambers with injection, tape and reassemble the pulled-apart cartridge. The process gets inks all over your hands and the surroundings. Too much ink on the other hand results in leaks inside the printer, fouling the machine and your printouts. When you purchase your cartridges that someone else has already used before, you obtain all the unknown histories of the products too. As they may contain defects such as contaminated electrical contacts or internal clogs.

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