Ink Cartridge Buying Guide

What are ink Cartridge printers?

Ink cartridges are an important part of an inkjet printer; it is very much like a reservoir which contains ink and it can also be refilled once it runs out of ink. Inkjet printers provide a great economical way to get high quality printing at home at quite a lower cost.

One particular ink cartridge may actually fit into a series of models or might be apt just for one specific type of an inkjet printer. Hence it is understandable that an inkjet printer may require frequent replacement of the cartridges on a regular basis to help it remain functional for a long period of time. However, it is important to have some basic idea before you go for buying an ink cartridge for your inkjet printer.

  1. Compatibility: It is absolutely essential to check the compatibility of the ink cartridge with your inkjet printer. You may buy an ink printer which is manufactured by your printer manufacturer or otherwise, you may also buy it from a third party manufacturer. However, if you are buying from a third party manufacturer; make sure you go through the compatibility chart listing down the names of printers which can use that.
  2. Colored cartridges: An inkjet printer sometimes uses colored cartridges as well. Four main colors, including magenta, cyan, yellow and black are being used for the purpose. In most cases colored cartridges carry four reservoirs where each of the color is being kept. Some of the high end printers can also contain eight colored cartridges which are used for advanced purposes.
  3. Print Heads: The print head is a kind of chip that may be integrated to the printer or may also form a part of the cartridge. It is usually controlled by a small circuit board. However, it is so delicate that there are every possibilities that it would get destroyed if touched, so one has to be extra cautious while handling them after purchase and during the time of installation.
  4. Selecting the right ink: It is quite important to select the right ink for the printer. Generally, there are two types of inks which are commonly used viz. pigment based inks and dyed based inks. While dyed based inks are used to bring out vibrant colors, it has issues related to drying. On the other hand, pigment based inks dry out quickly and can bring out clearer and more defined images. Hence, the kind of ink that you opt for depends a lot on your individual requirement.

The above mentioned points come handy while you go for buying an ink cartridge. Evaluation of these factors will help you buy the right cartridge that just adheres to your needs.


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