Tips to Reduce Toner Usage in your Printer

Any business or office has to spend tons of money each year for their printing requirements. There are lots of data to be printed every day and for small businesses especially, buying new cartridges and toners can prove to be very expensive. In such cases, opting for refilling the toner can be a good option. Moreover,  you can even save on your toner ink just by keeping a few simple things in mind. Here are some easy ways to do so:

  • For everyday printing, you can use the Draft mode on your computer. While you can easily switch on to the Normal or Best mode when you have something special to print,  for everyday usage, the Draft mode should suffice because unlike Best mode, this mode does not use multiple layers of ink on the same area. The characters may not be as bold or the colors may not be as striking, but they should be more than acceptable for everyday printing.
  • You should also refrain from using your color cartridges for your regular printing. They are not only more expensive but they also are depleted faster. When using black ink, do not use the ink from your color cartridge.
  • In the same way, if you have a high resolution set on your computer, the picture would be denser and darker and to reproduce it on paper, a lot of ink would be required. Except for high end printing required for final presentations and important occasions, opt for low resolution pictures and likewise when you print them,you are going to need less ink. You can change the resolution from the settings of your computer.
  • Thanks to technology, the modern laser printers come equipped with a Toner Saver feature. You can make sure that it is switched on if you have one of them. Similarly,there are standard, normal and XL varieties available for cartridges so check out which kind does your printer need as a wrong variety can exert extra pressure on the printer and you can lose more ink.

The Payless Cartridge Solutions Inc is one of the best providers for toner and cartridges and Vancouver and they understand that it is not always possible for clients to buy new cartridges and toner very often. They provide superior refilling services and their ink is completely compatible with the printer and the nature of your work.


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