Ways To Increase The Shelf-Life Of The Toner Cartridge

By increasing the life of the toner cartridge in a laser printer you can get more prints. There are several ways in which you can increase the toner life of your laser printer. One easy way is to distribute the toner. For this, take out the toner cartridge out of the laser printer and shake it left and right. This will help you to print a greater number of files and images. Another way to get more printouts from the laser printer is to change the smart chip. The smart chip is a circuit board which is found on the side of the toner cartridge. It is this chip which sends out a notification when the level of the toner is low or you are about to run out of toner.

Ways to increase toner life

If you want to increase the toner life of your printer it is suggested that you pay attention to the settings of the printer. Best color laser printers will allow you various levels of print quality, right from draft mode to superior quality. It is recommended that you print the internal documents in the draft mode. Make sure that you cross check the documents before printing them. This way you can avoid reprints and save on the ink thereby increasing the life of the toner.

Increasing the shelf life

Moreover it is a good idea to purchase high capacity refills if you want to increase the lifespan of the toner. At times swabbing the area on the cartridge where the toner is injected will help you to remove a clog. If there is a clog,  the sensors may indicate that the cartridge is empty. If you feel that you are running out of toner at a faster rate, it is advisable that you call a technician. The technician will clean the dispensers inside the machine which will help remove the clogs and minimize the wastage of ink. This maintenance technique will ensure that your cheap laser printer is running smoothly.

Bear these tips in mind

You can opt for laser printer refill Vancouver where your cartridge will be refilled at wallet friendly rates. To make sure that less ink is being used in printing,  opt for the right type of paper. The paper you make sue of should be least absorbent. Ensure that you are not using thicker paper than has been suggested in the manual. Using the wrong type of paper may cause jams. Apart from these ways to increase the toner life, it is important that you store the unused printer cartridges properly. Keep them at room temperature in areas which are dry. This will increase the shelf life.

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