Few instructions on how to refill inkjet cartridge

Printer ink is one of the most expensive things on which you may have to shell out a lot. When you have decided to take out digital printouts of the pictures which you captured in your vacation you may suddenly realize that the print cartridge has run out of ink. One of the best ways to save dollars on the printer ink is by refilling the cartridge instead of buying a new one. You can easily purchase an ink cartridge refill kit at any of the supply stores. These cheap ink cartridge refill kits come at a price which is half the price of a printer cartridge.

A few initial steps

Before you start the process of refilling,  cover the work area with sheets of newspaper to prevent a mess. Keep some tissues handy so that you can mop the ink easily if it spills. For refilling place the cartridge upright on folds of tissues. For refilling remove the cartridge from the printer and peel of the label. Usually a label is added on the printer to prevent leakage of ink. Right under the label you will find the fill holes. You will easily feel the depressions once you rub your finger over the label. If you feel that the fill holes are too small to fit a needle you can consider enlarging them with a drill tool. However it’s suggested that you do not make use of an electric drill. It may cause damage to the cartridge.

The right process

If you are refilling a color cartridge, it is best to ascertain beforehand which color will go into each hole. Once you have identified which hole is for which color you can inject the ink with the help of a needle or a syringe. There are chances that the ink may overflow and you may end up creating a mess. One of the best ways to avoid mess is to pause while injecting the ink and meanwhile inspecting the print head which lies on the underside.

Avoiding leaks

Make sure that your cartridge is not leaking after you refill it. After you have finished refilling the cartridge cover it with a small piece of scotch tape. This will help you to ensure that no ink is leaking out of the cartridge. It is necessary that you blot the cartridge print head on a paper towel once you have refilled the ink. You can rely on the ink cartridge refilling service which we provide in Vancouver. You will not be disappointed with the service which we offer.


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