Refilling Toner for Your Laser Printer

The exercise of getting an empty toner cartridge of a laser printer refilled with new toner powder is known as Toner refilling. This is a practice that ensures that your printer cartridge can be reused, thus saving the cost of purchasing a brand new cartridge. It also does away with the effects of disposal and waste of the old printer cartridge. However, you just cannot go on doing a toner refill for an indefinite number of times as the mechanical parts of a laser printer like rollers and drums wear out after a certain period of time and with the passage of time the drum is either scratched or depleted.

It is also important for you to note that you can get more printouts from your laser printer if you can increase the life of the printer’s toner cartridge. A simple method of doing so is by distributing the toner. This can be achieved by taking the toner cartridge out of your laser printer and shake it horizontally left and right. This particular exercise ensures that more number of images and files can be obtained as printouts. You can also get more printouts from your laser printer by changing its smart chip. You can find this smart chip located on the side of your toner cartridge and it is a circuit board. The function of this chip is to send across a notification whenever you running out of toner or when the toner level is low.

Companies that are into the business of refilling printer cartridges, make it a point to test and clean each cartridge to make sure that it can be reused or resold. People or companies who refill their printer toners claim that in most of the cases the cost-benefit received by refilling is much more than the price of buying a new cartridge for a laser printer. Refilling the toners of your laser printers has environmental merits too apart from reduced costs. This is because by conducting a laser toner refill, a cartridge can be used for several times thus reducing the impact of distribution and manufacture both.

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