How safe is your laser toner printer with toner refill kits?

Toner refill kit is an inexpensive alternative for refilling cartridge. These toner refill kits work amazingly on any monochrome or laser printers. This kit comprises a toner bottle and a reset chip. Although it is cost effective,  it does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise the printout quality or can any way do any damage to the printer. Despite the brilliant efficiency of these kits, there are safety concerns which are raised by many printer owners.

The refill kits provides toner that has been formulated following the ISO standards in ISO certified facilities. Thus,  you can be sure that the toner you will get will be of high quality and so will be the printout from this printer.

It does not really matter if the toner used is from the OEM or a compatible toner. Toner only gets inside the drum unit of the cartridge. The toner in no way can damage the printer. The only damage that may happen is to the cartridge or the drum, though the chance of the cartridge getting damaged due to the toner is very minimal. A cartridge has a tendency to wear out due to overuse or improper maintenance.

While replacing a cartridge, a use has to pay both for the cartridge and the toner. There are built-in drum units in some cartridges. So, when a consumer has to pay only for the toner while purchasing a toner refill kit and not for the entire cartridge. In that way you can reuse an emptied cartridge and not pay extra money for a brand new cartridge.

There are also concerns about voiding the warranty provided for the printer. Many consumers believe that if they use toner refill kits instead they will be technically voiding the warranty provided for the printer. According to the 1975 Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act no warrantor can restrict the use of other products in connection to such product. That means that no printer manufacturer can void your warranty just because of the use of consumables.

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