Common Mistakes Made While Buying Ink Cartridge

Whether at home or office,  you got to have a computer as well as a printer and depending on the frequency of your printing, you have to buy ink cartridges quite often. Cartridge refilling in Vancouver means you have to shed a lot of money and it can be an eye-opening experience for those who are buying cartridges for the first time. Since cartridge refills are so costly, make sure you don’t make the common mistakes while buying ink cartridges.

Common Ink Cartridge Buying Mistakes

Many of us buy ink cartridges without being sure whether we are getting hold of the right thing or not. Since you are spending a lot of money, make sure you’re buying the right product,  so that you get frustrated later. Here are some common mistakes that people make while buying ink cartridges.

We’ll discuss about them so that you don’t make the same mistakes:

    • Not Reading the User Manual


Make sure you re the user manual provided with the printer. To buy a new cartridge refill in Vancouver, you need to provide some information to the sales person to get the right product. Many issues that arise with printers and other devices is mostly because of we don’t read the user manuals. Manuals are provided with graphics so that we can understand easily, so everyone using printers and other devices should make it a point to read the instructions immediately after they buy the products.

    • Remember the Cartridge Number and Printer Model


Whenever you are buying a toner cartridge refill,  make sure you know the cartridge number or at least the printer model properly. This makes the buying process simple and fast. If you know the printer model or cartridge number,  you can shop for it online without even having to step outside.

    • Know the Type Of Ink You Need


Printer inks can be classified into two categories – pigment based and dye-based. Depending upon the purpose of your printing,  you need to select the ink type. Before you buy a cartridge refill in Vancouver,  make sure which ink type is suitable for you.

    • Using DIY Refill Kits


Over the counter refill kits do more harm than good. Though many people would tell you, they get great results with such kits, it’s just case selective. Home ink cartridge refill kits rarely offer the results that we are looking for, so it’s the best to go ahead with the original cartridges.

    • Don’t Pay Too Much


Most of us have a misconception that we have to use cartridges from the printer’s manufactures. That’s just a myth. There are many other good replacements available in the market, which offer results as good as the original ones.

Once you’ve bought a cartridge refill in Vancouver, you cannot return it back, so make sure you get the right product.


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