Commonly Asked Questions about Ink Refilling in Vancouver

There is a lot of debate going on about using refilled and remanufactured cartridges over OEM cartridges. While some people believe ink refilling is cost-effective and does not harm your printer anyway, others would tell you it severely harms the hardware and the print quality is not at all up to the mark. The end result depends on your choice and varies from person to person.

Ink refilling in Vancouver is an environment friendly option and is also easy on your pocket. For people who still want to know whether they should use refilled or remanufactured cartridges.

Here are some commonly asked questions about cartridges that’ll help you decide:

    1. Can I re-use my old cartridge?


Ans: Yes you can. You can opt for ink toner refill in Vancouver and reuse your old, used cartridge, which will save you a lot of money. You can either ask retailers to get them refilled, or you can buy do-it-yourself kits and get them refilled yourself.

    1. Do refilled cartridges void my printer warranty?


Ans: No, if you get the OEM cartridges refilled by reliable retailers, who inspect the cartridges minutely, clean them and then fill them with good quality ink, there is no reason for the warranty to go void. The printer might show you messages that using such cartridges may harm your machine, but it’s just to discourage you from using refilled cartridges.

    1. Are refilled cartridges good as original ones?


Ans: This depends on the retailer or expert,  who does the toner refill in Vancouver for you. The ink quality should be good, the packaging should be good and if everything is in place, refilled toner cartridges should work as good as original ones, and the best part, you get all these at half the cost of the OEMs.

    1. How many times can I perform ink toner refill in Vancouver?


Ans: This depends on the quality of the printer head. You can have the ink toner refilled in Vancouver till the printer head breaks. For some cartridges, you can refill them up to 10 times, for other they can be refilled for 20 times. Though there are very few cartridges that can be refilled indefinitely.

    1. Why should I use refilled cartridges?


Ans: OEM cartridges cost a lot and this is a recurring cost that you have to take care of. Using refilled cartridges are good for your pocket as well as the environment. Disposing cartridges after single use means you’re depositing a lot plastic, metal, chemicals and other hazardous materials on the earth. Think if thousands of people do it,  what will be the effect? So think of refilling and recycling and help to build a more sustainable environment.

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