How Can Bad Quality Ink Cartridges in Vancouver Harm Your Printer

Owing to the cost of OEM ink cartridges, people get wooed by cheaper cartridge refills in Vancouver. It is true that refilled or remanufactured cartridges cost half that of new ones,  but you can do more harm to your printer if you don’t get a good quality refilled cartridge. Whether you refill the cartridges yourself or have it done by an expert, you still take risks of damaging the printer. Though some 3rd party refilled or remanufactured offer good quality cartridges, but most of them prove to be disastrous.

We’ talk about some adverse effects of using bad quality toner cartridge refills, so that you can be cautious while you buy a refill.

    • Printer Damages


Refilled cartridges tend to get overfilled and leak,  clogging the printer head. While your printer doesn’t get damaged completely,  the risk is increased. If you choose a refilled cartridge and it damages your printer, you’ll not be able to avail the warranty. The leading printer brands also confirmed the refilling cartridges make them leak and in turn they harm the printer.

    • Printer Errors


Whether you get the OEM cartridge refilled or buy a re-manufactured cartridge, chances are your printer will show error messages and reject the cartridge much before they run out of ink. This is primarily due to the fact that a cartridge wears out with time or because of the memory chip that present on the cartridge. This chip is responsible for communication with the printer and tells it about the ink levels or the incompatibility with printer and other errors. Many printers track the serial numbers printed on the cartridges and reject them when repeated.

    • Bad Quality Ink


Ever thought why these refilled and re-manufactured cost less? One reason is because it uses old parts and the other reason is they use low quality ink. Various tests and studies show that manufacturer’s ink produced print quality that is much better than that of refilled inks. Low quality ink also fades faster.

So the best option would be to buy OEM cartridges,though it costs high your printer will be safe. If you are buying 3rd party cartridges make sure you get them from well reputed dealer, so that the ink quality is good and they check the old cartridges before refilling.

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