How to get your Toner Cartridge Refilled Online

No doubt everyone looks around for ways to get their toner cartridges refilled at a low cost. Buying OEM cartridges can burn a whole in your pocket and disposing the cartridges can also harm the environment. So one cost-effective and environment friendly ways of toner refill in Vancouver is to get them refilled online. When you consider refilling your toner cartridge in Vancouver online, you must make yourself aware of certain facts like – the types of cartridges available, factors to consider when refilling online,  pros and cons of such products, etc.

What is a toner?

To start with, let’s find out what is a toner. A toner is nothing but a dry power that consists of two constituents, pigment and plastic. The pigment gives out colour to the text and images, while the plastic binds to the page and prevents the texts from blemishes and bleeding. The drying time for ink is much higher, so in cases where the printing volume is high,  you should opt for toners.

Things to know when refilling online

Since you are not buying a new cartridge and refilling it online, you should consider a number of factors. To make things easy for you.

Here is a list of factors that you should keep in mind:
Toner Cartridge Model

Specific cartridges are made for specific printer models, so before you start shopping online, know the details of your printer, which can be found on the user manual. The cartridge you buy should be compatible with your printer.
Toner Quality

Considering the toner quality is vital when you opt for online Vancouver toner refill. The best quality toner can be obtained from the device’s manufacturer, but they are costly. If you want cheaper toners, you can buy third party toners, but be very careful about the quality.
Toner Colour

Refill kits are available from many manufacturers, but if you buy these you have to get the cartridges refilled yourself. Printers are either monochrome or coloured,  so make sure you consider the toner colours when refilling online.
Check the Page Yield

When refilling toner cartridges online, check the yield value of the toner cartridges. This is the number of text pages that can be printed from one toner cartridge. Buy cartridges with a high page yield to make your toner long lasting.

Compatibility is very essential so make sure the toner cartridges are compatible with your device. You can find a number of options; the only thing that you should do, is compare and then buy. This way you can get the best deal and best quality products.

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