How to Know You Need Toner Refill in Vancouver

Printers are necessary not only for commercial use,  but also for domestic use. You might want to keep back-ups of the online bills, help your child to complete school projects,  etc. Maintaining a printer is not very hard apart from the fact that ink or toner refill in Vancouver means you have to spend a lot to get a new cartridge. Most printers are programmed in a way that they display messages showing low ink levels, but many times it’s just a false alarm. It’s a way to trick you into buying a new cartridge so that manufacturer makes some money

So to ensure that you change the cartridges only when the ink is actually low, you have to do periodic checks and get ink toner refill in Vancouver if required. You have a keep a check on the ink levels, since the liquid ink tends to dry faster when the ink level becomes low and the print quality also goes down. The printer uses more ink when it begins to dry, to provide a good quality print. So to restore the functionality of your printer, it is necessary that you keep checking the ink levels in your printer cartridge.

How to Check the Ink Levels?

Most of the branded printers have in-built software to tell you when the ink level is low, but to avoid false alarms you can use other methods to check the ink level before you go for toner refill in Vancouver.

Here are two most commonly used methods for checking the ink levels:
Device Driver Method

You have to install the device driver when you connect a new printer to your computer. A short cut to printer management interface can be found automatically after installation of the driver, which gives you information about the printer status. The “estimated ink levels” option can be found under the ‘printer services’ or ‘device services’ option listed under ‘settings’. This may vary depending upon the brand, so refer to the user manual if you’re not able to locate the options. With help of this you can get to know the actual ink level of the cartridges.
Control Panel Method

Go to the ‘Control Panel’ option from the start button on your computer. Then click on the ‘devices and printers’ option, which shows you all the devices and printers attached to your computer system. Choose the printer for which you want to perform the check and right click on it, to select the ‘service devices’ option. Here you can find the ‘estimated ink level’ option among other options. Click on it to view the actual ink levels.

When you see the ink levels are really low, open the cartridge from the printer and shake it side-to-side. This will make the residue ink to flow and you’ll get a few more prints utilizing the residual ink. Get a new cartridge of your choice,  that is compatible with your printer and load it safely.

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