Can affordable ink cartridges affect the printer function?

While buying the printer and its cartridges, you might notice that the manufacturer has mentioned in big letters that using affordable ink cartridges other than the branded ones can cause malfunctioning of your printer. However it is not always the case. While it is not lawful to extinguish the warranty of the printer for the ink cartridge that is not compatible to the printer, it is not completely illegal either. Instead the governments all over the world have strongly implemented several different consumer protection laws so that such an aggressive activity is not at all supported where you cannot use compatible and affordable er alternatives of ink cartridges when you can avail one such instead of the branded ink cartridge.

There are also many such customers and consumers who feel that if they do not use the branded and the genuine ink cartridges on their branded printer, the guarantee of the product will also be in jeopardy. However in reality, the truth is entirely different. Due to the government rules and regulations,the manufacturers have now being cautious about the detailing of the product guarantees.

    1. Can a affordable ink cartridge destroy your printer?

Let’s suppose that your printer is not working and you have spoken to the authorized repairer and they have reported that it is malfunctioning because of using refilled ink cartridges. If they complain so, you need to ensure that they give it in writing that the printer has been damaged because of the affordable ink cartridges. Next you can take a second opinion from an independent printer technician just to be sure that it is the fault of the affordable ink cartridges that is causing the printer to malfunction.

    1. Affordable ink cartridges are best for your printers

Having said that there is no fear of your printer malfunctioning because of the ink cartridge Vancouver, you can easily use the replacement ink cartridge Canada for your printers at all times. It will not only save you a lot of money annually,  it will also help you in getting as good prints of your work in hard copies as would any branded printer ink cartridge offer you.

It is to be noted that the branded ink cartridge can cost you as much as a new printer itself. It is thus a far better idea to choose the ink cartridge Vancouver or the ink cartridges Canada for your printer instead, especially when they do the same job equally better.

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