Most convenient ways of saving money on ink cartridges

When you bought your first printer for your home,  do you remember the feeling you had? It was thrilling isn’t it? Well, you definitely never had the same feeling when you had to buy the branded ink cartridges for your printer when it finished. You will be surprised to know that almost all the big printer manufacturing companies make their true profit from manufacturing and selling the branded ink cartridges and not the printers. In fact, the printers will cost you less than the ink cartridges for the same brand. Such is the competition in the market of the printer and its cartridges that most major brands are making a beeline for grabbing the market full of consumers. At the same time, since the original ink cartridge Vancouver is so costly, most consumers are looking for cheap ink cartridges that are usually available from re manufacturing companies and the third parties. Most major printer companies are fighting these re manufacturing cheap ink cartridge companies in the court but they have not heard praises from the court yet.

There are different ways in which you can use ink cartridges in your printer but without wasting a lot of money on the original ink cartridges. Each of the different cartridges has their pros and cons and you will learn all the details about them in this post.

There are different ways of saving money on the ink cartridges Canada, they are:


Buy OEM compatible cartridges

For the ink-jet cartridges,  you can always choose the cheaper third party cartridges. These third party cartridges are very compatible and use the same standards, quality and technology as that of the branded printer ink manufacturers. These cartridges are also known as the OEM compatible cartridges that also stand for the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The refilled cartridges

The refilled cartridges are nothing original except the cartridge cover that contains the brand name. The ink however is not branded. It is to be remembered that not all remanufacturing brands are known to produce good quality of ink and can thus damage the printer and the printer heads.

Home refill

You can always buy the home refill kit and fill the ink in the cartridges by yourself. The home refill kit comes with needles,  a cartridge holder and also the bottles of ink. There are some brands of home refill kit that comes with additional tools for the purpose of refilling.

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